The need to measure spurious and harmonic signals is not new. However, emerging requirements include more of these measurements and specify demanding test conditions. In aerospace and defense applications, the task may be a search for known or unknown signals across a broad spectrum. In wireless communications, the need is to characterize increasingly complex devices in an ever-expanding number of conditions and device states—and do so as quickly as possible.

In all cases, searching for spurs and harmonics requires instrumentation that can help you find low-level signals at unknown frequencies across a wide frequency range. Making such measurements requires a spectrum or signal analyzer that can perform high-speed measurements with a low noise floor, minimal spurs and images, and high dynamic range, such as the Agilent M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyzer. Read this new application note to learn about how to dramatically reduce noise, images, and spurs with the M9393A’s innovative noise correction, image rejection and spur cancellation techniques.

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