Model DLVA-6G18G-50-HERM is a detector log-video amplifier (DLVA) with frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz. It offers a logging range of -70 to 0 dBm with tangential signal sensitivity (TSS) of -72 dB. The DLVA, which can handle pulsed signals as short as 100 ns through continuous-wave (CW) signals, has maximum 10%/90% pulse rise time of 50 ns and maximum 90%/10% pulse fall time of 70 ns. The logarithmic slope is 25 mV/dB with logarithmic accuracy of ±4 dB. The DLVA features a recovery time of less than 70 ns with delay time of less than 15 ns. The amplifier draws 400 mA maximum current from a +12-VDC supply and 250 mA maximum current from a -12-VDC supply. It is supplied in a hermetically sealed housing measuring 3.20 x 2.05 x 0.40 in.

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