Many new products simultaneously target third-generation (3G), fourth-generation (4G), and WiMAX infrastructure. For example, a wideband-downconverter RF integrated circuit (RF IC) now claims to satisfy almost all wireless-infrastructure applications from 800 to 2700 MHz. The HMC334LP4E delivers a +26-dBm input third-order intercept point, 0 dB conversion gain, and a noise figure as low as 10 dB. This wideband downconverter features single-ended local-oscillator (LO) and RF inputs. In addition, a balanced intermediate-frequency (IF) output can support a bandwidth as wide as 600 MHz. The LO input operates with drive levels between –6 and +6 dBm. The LO frequency range of 10 to 3300 MHz supports both low-side and high-side LO frequency plans. The HMC334LP4E consumes 173 mA from a single +5-V supply. Samples and evaluation PC boards are available from stock.

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