Chris DeMartino

Technical Editor

Chris has worked in the RF/microwave industry since 2004. Throughout this time, he has helped to develop and test a variety of RF/microwave components and assemblies for both commercial and military programs. Chris has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Binghamton and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University.

Inside Track with James Kimery, Director of Product Marketing, RF Communications and SDR, National Instruments
MW&RF sat down with NI's James Kimery to discuss the progress of 5G and influential factors on the technology such as mm-wave, massive MIMO, and OFDM.
5 Technology Areas to Watch in 2017
This year, expect to see the RF/microwave industry produce solutions that push technological boundaries to meet new and emerging requirements.
People with phones
Recognize RF Architectures for the Smartphone Market
This white paper delves into the distinct RF front-end (RFFE) requirements of both flagship and mid-tier phones.
Dive into LNA Design
This application note describes how the various capabilities of design software play a role in the development of a low-noise amplifier (LNA) at 10 GHz.
NYU Wireless Drives Next-Generation Technology
Students and faculty at NYU WIRELESS are fervently working to create the wireless technology of the future.
Critical Talking Points in Test & Measurement
To support advancing technology, suppliers of test-and-measurement equipment are delivering solutions that reach even greater heights.
Direct-Synthesis Software Approach Facilitates Filter Design
Design software that incorporates the direct-synthesis technique can be highly beneficial to those involved with designing customized filters.
Beamforming Technology Embarks on the Next Generation
This white paper discusses beamforming technology in theory, as well as through simulation examples.
RF Innovation Arises to Enable 5G
This white paper explains how 5G will improve performance before examining topics, such as 5G filter requirements.
Satcom Trends Span Higher Frequencies, GaN, and Integrated Solutions
Today’s satcom applications benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology offered by the RF/microwave industry.
New Wideband EMC Absorbers Offer Solutions to 40 GHz
These polypropylene-based absorbers can be used in various test applications, covering frequencies ranging from 30 MHz to 40 GHz.
Ease Packaged PA Thermal-Management Concerns
This white paper delves into techniques that can be implemented to allow for sufficient thermal management of packaged power amplifiers (PAs).
NFC testing
Proper Testing Safeguards the Performance of NFC-Enabled Products
This white paper explains the significance of near-field communication (NFC) testing, as well as describing specific tests that should be considered.
Inside Track with Alexander Chenakin, Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Micro Lambda Wireless
Micro Lambda's Dr. Alexander Chenakin talks frequency synthesizers with Microwaves & RF.
2016 Microwaves & RF Annual Salary & Career Report: All Quiet on the Compensation Front
What’s some of the good news that we received in this year’s Microwaves & RF Annual Salary & Career Report? For one, 90% of those who responded...
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