David A. Hall

David A.
Senior Product Marketing Manager for RF and Communications,
National Instruments

David Hall is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for RF and Communications at National Instruments. His activities include building product demos, providing user feedback, and writing application notes, with particular subjects of expertise include digital signal processing and digital communications systems.

The Effect of Moore’s Law on RF Instruments
Faster processing technology brings substantial benefits to the RF instrument, which can be seen in how the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is transforming the way we design RF instruments.
Find Out Why PXI Is Being Used For RF Instruments

Today, several instrument vendors are offering high-performance PXI RF test equipment. In a world that was once dominated by traditional-rack-and-stack instruments, this industry shift begs the question: “Why?” More specifically, we should ask, Why are engineers using PXI for their RF test needs, and Why did this change occur? I would like to take a stab at answering these questions while providing the context for why PXI has become a de-facto standard for RF instrumentation.

Introducing Wireless Standards of the Future: IEEE 802.11ac and LTE-Advanced
In this article, we’ll take a look the physical layer characteristics of the hottest wireless standards and explain how higher data rates are achieved. More specifically, we’ll look at how features such as more spatial streams, carrier aggregation, and higher-order modulation schemes directly correspond to higher data throughput. Finally, we’ll look at how evolutions in the physical layer for each standard create new test challenges for today’s RF engineer.
Understanding Benefits Of MIMO Technology
Multiple antenna configurations can be used to overcome the detrimental effects of signal multipath and fading when trying to achieve high data throughput in limited-bandwidth channels.
Test Radio Receivers With Recorded Signals
Test instruments capable of recording and playing back RF communications signals are practical solutions for testing receivers under signal fading and multipath conditions.


True Differential S-Parameter Measurements

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