Dr. A. Kumar

Dr. A.
Antenna Assists MW Power Transmission
This rectenna dipole element uses matching stubs for increased power capability and improved efficiency for microwave-power-transmission applications at 5.8 GHz.
Extract Petroleum With Microwaves 1
Microwave heating effects can help extract crude petroleum from abundant tar sand and oil shale by means of applicators capable of generating evanescent electromagnetic fields.
Electronically Steerable Antenna Cuts Low Profile
A compact electronically steerable antenna array has been developed by means of a clever arrangement of PIN-diode-based parasitic elements on a compact ground plane.
Monopole Arrays Are Electronically Steerable
By dielectrically embedding monopole elements in low loss material, compact electronically steerable antennas can be fabricated with good mechanical stability.
Microstrip Antennas Guide Satellite Data Transmissions
Microstrip antennas provide circularly polarized conical patterns for effective data transmission from a satellite to the earth at UHF and S-band frequencies.
Checker Reads Cellular Radiation
This portable, low-cost, unpowered instrument can measure radiation levels of handsets and other devices and cellular and Personal Communications Services (PCS) frequencies.
RCS Measurements Detect Power Lines
Radar-cross-section (RCS) measurements at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies can be useful in detecting power-line backscattering from low-flying aircraft.
Designing Antennas For Indoor Millimeter-Wave Use
Low-cost shaped-beam antennas can be designed with polarizers to provide the uniform EM patterns needed for reliable indoor millimeter-wave WLAN systems.
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