Iliza Sokol

Associate Digital Editor
Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

Iliza joined the Penton Media group in 2013 after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Prior to joining the staff, she worked at NYLON Magazine and a ghostwriting firm based in New York.

Articles by Iliza Sokol
Could Visible Light Replace RF Usage in Communications?
A team of researchers recently created a testbed that achieved 3.5 Gb/s from a single color LED as a step toward 5G communications.
T-Mobile, Verizon Spectrum Trade Exposes LTE Market Shifts
The U.S. is expected to lead the world in 4G LTE in 2014 following T-Mobile’s acquisition of low-band 700 MHz spectrum licenses from Verizon Wireless.
Simulator-Modem Demonstrates Category 6 LTE Data Rates
A multimode LTE modem and simulator were recently demonstrated at category 6 carrier aggregation data rates of 300 Mb/s under a range of carrier conditions and impairments.
White-Space Spectrum Shows Potential for Long-Range Communications
Using a multihop network configuration and IEEE 802.22- and 802.11af based systems, a long-range broadband-communications trial saw downstream and upstream data speeds of 5.2 Mbps and 4.5 Mbps.
Advanced Pulse Generator Uses DDS Technology to Increase Precision
An Advanced Pulse Generator (APG) recently completed performance testing as part of the upgrade process for an EM environment simulator that tests a variety of electronic warfare equipment
Teams Apply Paper-Folding Techniques to Next-Generation Antennas
Researchers are currently applying origami paper-folding principles to the development of antenna shapes that use self-activation mechanisms to unfold and provide ultra-broadband capabilities.
Fiber-Optic Infrastructure Promises Speeds to 1.4 Tb/s
By overlaying a transparent super channel over an existing optical network and reducing spectral spacing, this network infrastructure allows for greater data transmission efficiency and faster broadband rates.
Qi Expands with Resonant Extension
The latest Qi resonant extension allows multiple devices to be charged at once and at greater distances, while remaining backward compatible with the 40+ million Qi-enabled products currently on the market.
GaN Process Enables Conversion of Satcom Solution for Small Aircraft
A satellite-communications (satcom) system was successfully converted for aircraft use when size constraints are an issue, thanks to the benefits of gallium nitride (GaN) technology.
VoLTE Market Surge Drives Test Demands
To make sure VoLTE lives up to its promises, new services must be extensively tested to gauge quality.
Texas Chosen as UAS Test Site for Safe Airspace Integration
Due to Texas’ year-round optimal flying weather and varied terrain, it has been chosen as an official unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test site, thanks to a proposal from A&M University.
M2M Developer Kit Aims to Spur Marketplace Innovation
From development to launch to analytics, the M2X Developer Kit aims to help mainstream developers add connectivity to machine-to-machine (M2M) devices adding to the Internet of Everything (IoE) landscape.
Applications Wanted: QPrize Helps Fund Wireless Tech Startups
The QPrize 2014 competition provides financial support to wireless technology startups across seven different regions.
Microwave Technology Extends Satellite Precipitation Coverage
The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory satellite measures precipitation data in three dimensions and at higher frequencies than previous-generation systems.
Radar Gets Upgrade For UAV Weather Mission
Adding Ka-band functionality to a previously L-band-only UAV synthetic aperture radar allowed the Global Hawk to collect data about the Canadian Arctic in a recent mission.
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