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Iliza joined the Penton Media group in 2013 after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Prior to joining the staff, she worked at NYLON Magazine and a ghostwriting firm based in New York.

NYU WIRELESS Team Receives IEEE Award for 5G Research
A research team at NYU WIRELESS, led by Theodore Rappaport, will be awarded the 2015 IEEE Donald G. Fink Award for their paper on millimeter-wave 5G cellular technology.
Decoy Jammer with Radio Data Link Takes Flight
A flight demonstration of the Miniature Air Launched Decoy Jammer (MALD-J), fitted with a radio data link that allows for repositioning in-flight, proved successful.
Major Shakeup in Wireless-Charging Ecosystem
The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) will join forces to standardize wireless-charging-power innovations.
Micro Satellite Constellation to Expand Worldwide Internet Access
The OneWeb system of 648 telecom-class micro satellites will help provide high-speed Internet access via small user terminals.
UPDATE: Third of Four MUOS Satellites Successfully Launched
The third Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite, part of a system that leverages smartphone technology for secure satellite communications, has been delivered.
Category 9 LTE-A Successfully Tested at 410 Mb/s Download Speeds 1
Successful interoperability testing of LTE-A Category 9 Carrier Aggregation showed 3-carrie downlink aggregation and download speeds up to 410 Mb/s.
Kinetic Boot Generates 1.5 Watts of Power per Foot for Soldiers 3
Lockheed Martin and STC Footwear are working to develop a kinetic boot solution for U.S. Marines that will convert the motion of footsteps into a functional power source.
European SpaceDataHighway Achieves Near-Real-Time Communications
The European SpaceDataHighway (EDRS) allows for high-speed data transfers up to 1.8 Gbits/s between LEO and geostationary orbit.
Cloud Helps Curtail Cyclist, Car Crashes 1
New cloud technology seeks to help reduce the number of bicycle and vehicle accidents by eliminating blind spots.
High-Throughput Satellites Prepare for Steady Growth
High throughput satellite (HTS) capacity and adoption is expected to grow through 2023, according to the report, “High Throughput Satellites: On Course for New Horizons.”
Keep the Change—NYC Payphones to Become Free Wi-Fi Stations
Next year, payphones in New York City will begin turning into Wi-Fi hubs reaching speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.
3D-Printed Aluminum Antenna Support May Be Space-Bound
A 3D-printed aluminum antenna support for satellites offers a much lighter and cost-effective option than one produced from conventional manufacturing techniques.
Radio-Wave Circulator Frees Telecommunications from Magnetic Hold
Researchers developed a communications circulator that mimics the way magnetics can selectively route radio waves—without using magnetic materials.
3D Radar’s Long-Range Hazard Detection Quickens Flight Rerouting
Through a combination of 3D scanning and pulse-compression technologies, the IntuVue 3D radar system provides a longer-range, more complete view of hazardous weather.
IC Bridges the “Terahertz Gap” to Break World Record
Researchers at Northrop Grumman, under a DARPA contract, developed a terahertz monolithic integrated circuit (TMIC) that uses 10 transistor stages to reach an operating speed of 1 THz.

How to Do Fixture De-Embedding to Match Signal Integrity Simulations to Measurements​
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