Iliza Sokol

Associate Digital Editor
Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

Iliza joined the Penton Media group in 2013 after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Prior to joining the staff, she worked at NYLON Magazine and a ghostwriting firm based in New York.

Articles by Iliza Sokol
eLTE-Based Railway Solution Covers 400 MHz to 5.8 GHz
By remodeling an enterprise Long Term Evolution (eLTE) solution for use in rail transportation, more reliable transmission channels can be achieved with up to 100 Mb/s throughput.
RF “Black Art” Gets Behind the World’s Largest Radio Telescope
The Square Kilometer Array, which will be the world’s largest radio telescope, has the potential to be 50 times more sensitive than any other radio instrument.
Small-Cell Deployment Boosts Semiconductor Market
As demand rises for better data rates, the market for semiconductors used in small-cell applications is growing at a substantial pace—more so than the market for small cells itself.
Smartphone-Based Satellites Work to Show that Less is More
NASA’s PhoneSat and EDSN missions are working to show that smaller, more affordable spacecraft can be used in conjunction with one another as an alternative to a bigger system approach.
MACOM Acquires Mindspeed Technologies
MACOM has acquired the majority share of Mindspeed Technologies to diversify its product offering and gain traction in the high-performance-analog market.
Project Seeks IP Solution for Bluetooth Sensors
The BLIM4SME project aims to develop RF IP blocks for the development of ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radios in the healthcare and lifestyle markets.
TDRS Communications Satellite Uses Ground-Based Beamforming
The latest Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRSs) use multiple antennas at multiple frequencies to provide near-continuous robust communications.
Multifunction Electronic Payload Is Integrated on Group III UAV
The Pandora electronic attack payload, which was recently integrated on the Bat unmanned aircraft, was derived from the APR-39 system. It provides continuous 360-deg. coverage using BGA technology.
NASA CubeSat Initiative Launches Student-Built Satellites
NASA’s latest Educational Launch of Nanosatellite (ELaNA) mission was the first to have a group comprised entirely of high school students.
Active Antenna Systems Enjoy Growth
Active antenna systems have proven to be a viable solution for the increasing demands on mobile networks as beamsteering antennas see an increase in market numbers.
A Rundown of MAVEN: NASA’s Mission to Study Mars’ Upper Atmosphere
As part of the first mission solely dedicated to Mars’ upper atmosphere, MAVEN will use a trio of instrument suites to gather data while a high gain antenna ensures signal stability.
Increased Smart-Device Usage Drives Wireless Test-Equipment Market
As LTE drives the deployment of more complex network systems and the heavy adoption of smartphones increases data usage, the market for wireless test equipment is seeing steady growth.
Satellite Sensor Continually Tracks Solar-Earth Energy Input
By using an ambient temperature active cavity radiometer, the Total Solar Irradiance Monitor (TIM) continually calibrates Total Solar Irradiance (TSI), which affects Earth’s atmosphere and climates.
High-Resolution AESA Radar Added to Global Hawk Payload
The new Global Hawk’s MP-RTIP radar uses a synthetic aperture radar and ground moving target indicator to provide high quality images in almost real time.
Combined Wireless-Network Approach Runs at 50 To 60 Mb/s
By using a combination of features, LTE, and the 2.5-GHz spectrum band, Sprint Spark provides 50-to-60-Mb/s wireless network speeds.
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