Iliza Sokol

Associate Digital Editor ,
Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

Iliza joined the Penton Media group in 2013 after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Prior to joining the staff, she worked at NYLON Magazine and a ghostwriting firm based in New York.

European SpaceDataHighway Achieves Near-Real-Time Communications
The European SpaceDataHighway (EDRS) allows for high-speed data transfers up to 1.8 Gbits/s between LEO and geostationary orbit.
Cloud Helps Curtail Cyclist, Car Crashes 1
New cloud technology seeks to help reduce the number of bicycle and vehicle accidents by eliminating blind spots.
High-Throughput Satellites Prepare for Steady Growth
High throughput satellite (HTS) capacity and adoption is expected to grow through 2023, according to the report, “High Throughput Satellites: On Course for New Horizons.”
Keep the Change—NYC Payphones to Become Free Wi-Fi Stations
Next year, payphones in New York City will begin turning into Wi-Fi hubs reaching speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.
3D-Printed Aluminum Antenna Support May Be Space-Bound
A 3D-printed aluminum antenna support for satellites offers a much lighter and cost-effective option than one produced from conventional manufacturing techniques.
Radio-Wave Circulator Frees Telecommunications from Magnetic Hold
Researchers developed a communications circulator that mimics the way magnetics can selectively route radio waves—without using magnetic materials.
3D Radar’s Long-Range Hazard Detection Quickens Flight Rerouting
Through a combination of 3D scanning and pulse-compression technologies, the IntuVue 3D radar system provides a longer-range, more complete view of hazardous weather.
IC Bridges the “Terahertz Gap” to Break World Record
Researchers at Northrop Grumman, under a DARPA contract, developed a terahertz monolithic integrated circuit (TMIC) that uses 10 transistor stages to reach an operating speed of 1 THz.
RF Development Platform Supports Metering Applications
Semtech and other members of the Wi-SUN Alliance jointly created an RF development platform, replete with an RF transceiver and MCU, for metering applications.
Network-Edge Battery Technology Uses Existing Copper Cables
The LPS04 dc-dc converter and Aggregator allow carriers to use their embedded copper cables to power remote devices from central-office power plants.
Advanced Routers to Strengthen Patriot Missile Prowess
Engineers from Raytheon and TELDAT will work together to develop and produce advanced militarized routers with expanded controls for the Patriot Air and Missile Defense (AMD) system.
Twisted Radio Beams Transmit Data at 32 Gbits/s
Similar to twisting light waves for high-speed data transfer, researchers twisted radio beams to achieve 32-Gbit/s data-transmission rates.
Inertial Navigation System Provides Positioning to GPS-Deprived Areas
Ring laser gyroscopes and quartz accelerometers incorporated into Honeywell’s Tactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigator (TALIN) help expand GPS coverage.
F-16 Electronic Scanning Radar Enhances Target Detection, Tracking
The Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) will extend the radar capabilities and viability of F-16 aircraft thanks to the implementation of an electronically scanned area (AESA) fire-control radar.
Airborne Radio in Tune with MUOS Defense Satellites
Rockwell Collins claims its ARC-210 is the first airborne radio to operate on the MUOS satellite system, successfully connecting with the communications base station and ground radios.
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