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Jack Browne, Technical Contributor, has worked in technical publishing for over 30 years. He managed the content and production of three technical journals while at the American Institute of Physics, including Medical Physics and the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. He has been a Publisher and Editor for Penton Media, started the firm’s Wireless Symposium & Exhibition trade show in 1993, and currently serves as Technical Contributor for that company's Microwaves & RF magazine. Browne, who holds a BS in Mathematics from City College of New York and BA degrees in English and Philosophy from Fordham University, is a member of the IEEE.

Phonon Earns Order for Pulse Compression Modules
Phonon has received a $7.2-million order for radar pulse compression modules from a major defense contractor.
John Gerdes
ARL’s 3D Printing Produces Custom Drones
U.S. ARL engineers have developed the means to design and assemble custom tactical UAVs using 3D printing technology.
Vencore Labs To Enhance Tactical Coms for DARPA
DARPA has selected Vencore Labs of Vencore, Inc. to improve tactical communications technologies in the presence of hostile jammers.
root9B Teams with Chiron on DoD Training Contract
root9B will partner with Chiron Technology Services, Inc. as part of a Department of Defense (DoD) training contract for improved cybersecurity.
Nutanix to Help Modernize Navy’s DJC2 Program
Nutanix has been contracted to modernize the Navy’s Deployable Joint Command and Control (DJC2) program.
A Spike missile destroying a UAV
NAVAIR Launches Spike Missiles Against UAVs
Flight testing of Spike missiles has found them to be effective weapons against enemy drones.
Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Can Now Change Course
Enhancements to the Tomahawk missile have made it possible to reprogram its flight mission instructions, even after it has been launched.
Switchable Filter Builds on MEMS Technology
A filter with integrated MEMS switches can select between signals at frequency bands of 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and 4.2 to 4.4 GHz.
Scavenging Energy from 800-MHz Wireless Sources 1
As part of a student design competition, a rectenna was developed for scavenging energy at 800 MHz.
Create an EM Model for a Human Head 2
A model of the human head was created for studying specific absorption rates of EM energy from wireless sources.
NASA Transfers Damping Technology to TopLine
NASA has licensed TopLine to produce a vibration-mitigating invention designed to extend the lifetimes of PCBs in high-vibration environments.
Guarding Against Directed-Energy Weapons
BAE Systems is working on a form of atmospheric shield to protect against directed energy weapons.
RF ICs Aim for Higher Functional Densities
Whether for analog, digital, power, or a combination of functions, ICs designs are targeting increased functionality in smaller footprints.
Basics of Modulation and Demodulation 1
Modulation and demodulation are the means by which analog and digital information is transferred by radio waves.
Frequency Synthesizers Rack Up Performance to 20 GHz
A company long associated with integrated circuits (ICs) offers extensive capabilities in system-level design and manufacturing.
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