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Jack Browne, Technical Contributor, has worked in technical publishing for over 30 years. He managed the content and production of three technical journals while at the American Institute of Physics, including Medical Physics and the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. He has been a Publisher and Editor for Penton Media, started the firm’s Wireless Symposium & Exhibition trade show in 1993, and currently serves as Technical Contributor for that company's Microwaves & RF magazine. Browne, who holds a BS in Mathematics from City College of New York and BA degrees in English and Philosophy from Fordham University, is a member of the IEEE.

Flexible Radios Deliver High-Speed IoT Data Links
This series of high-data-rate wireless radios operates in the unlicensed frequency band from 902 to 928 MHz.
What’s the Difference Between Microstrip and Stripline?
The two most popular RF/microwave transmission-line formats are microstrip and stripline, with some distinct differences.
I/Q Demodulator Processes 1-GHz Bandwidths to 6 GHz
Model LTC5586 is a zero-IF I/Q demodulator with frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz and IF (I and Q) bandwidth of dc to 1 GHz.
Laminates Lay Foundation for 5G Antenna Circuits
A low-loss circuit laminate provides material characteristics that are well-suited for the design and manufacture of antennas for wireless communications systems.
YIG Oscillators Offer 20-MHz FM Bandwidth 1
Different RF/microwave YIG oscillator types operating through 40 GHz and higher are now available with 3-dB FM bandwidths in excess of 20 MHz.
Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (7/31-8/6)
Whether you are looking for transmit integrated circuits or double-throw switches, Microwaves & RF has you covered. Here are some of the latest components to optimize your product, device, or system.
Antenna Array Aids Energy Harvesting
An antenna array uses mechanical adjustment of its feed point for continuous E-field beamsteering of ±35 deg. at 2.4 GHz.
Receiving System Converts RF to DC
A six-antenna array and RF-to-dc conversion circuit can efficiently collect otherwise wasted RF energy in a room.
GaAs/AlGaAs Chip “Sees” THz Waves
A semiconductor device was fabricated on GaAs/AlGaAs substrate for imaging at THz wavelengths.
Selecting Electromechanical and Solid-State RF Switches
RF/microwave switches are built with different technologies, depending on the requirements of a particular application.
Novel Design Strategy Yields Stable SAW Filters
Filters control the congestion of modern communications signals. They are essential for preventing interference in electronic systems but can be challenging...
RF Measurement Modularity Redefined
Modular test systems can require some imagination, especially in terms of how much measurement functionality is possible in such little space. With PXIe instrument modules...
Accuracy is Vital When Testing Material Qualities
A number of different measurement methods, many using a vector network analyzer, have been developed for characterizing high-frequency circuit materials.
High-Speed DACs Deliver Agile RF/MW Signals 1
These high-speed digital-to-analog converters provide as much as 16-b resolution for creating wide-dynamic-range signals as high as 7.5 GHz for wireless infrastructure applications.
Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (7/10-7/16)
Whether you are looking for circularly-polarized antennas or power dividers, Microwaves & RF has you covered. Here are some of the latest components to optimize your product, device, or system.
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