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Microwaves & RF

Jack Browne, Technical Contributor, has worked in technical publishing for over 30 years. He managed the content and production of three technical journals while at the American Institute of Physics, including Medical Physics and the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. He has been a Publisher and Editor for Penton Media, started the firm’s Wireless Symposium & Exhibition trade show in 1993, and currently serves as Technical Contributor for that company's Microwaves & RF magazine. Browne, who holds a BS in Mathematics from City College of New York and BA degrees in English and Philosophy from Fordham University, is a member of the IEEE.

What’s the Difference between MIMO and MMICs?
Modern wireless systems have long depended on monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and are increasingly relying on the use...
Distributed Amplifiers Command DC to 22 GHz
Broadband frequency coverage in an amplifier means that one amplifier can serve many purposes, even for applications requiring coverage of a continuous frequency range...
Pocket-Sized Power Analyzer Extends to 70 GHz
This pocket-sized USB power analyzer works with a PC to measure channel power from 9 kHz to 70 GHz.
MEMS Oscillators Offer Precision Timing
Timing and synchronization of components and subsystems are necessary for many electronic systems, typically relying upon the stability...
Innovative Model Leads to Novel Beamforming Technique
A novel modeling approach improves the beamforming of antennas used for satellite-communications (satcom) systems.
Circularly Polarized Reflectarray Serves Ka-Band Systems
A circularly polarized compact reflectarray was developed for Ka-band satellite applications.
Lens Couples Power from Dielectric to Metal Waveguides
A unique lens-based transition has been developed to minimize losses at the junctions of metal and dielectric waveguides.
Multiport VNA Tests to 20 GHz
This high-speed VNA provides 16 parallel test ports for production-line testing of RF and microwave devices and components to 20 GHz.
Receiver and Transmitter ICs Simplify System Design
Receiver and transmitter ICs work with IF frequency translation over wide ranges to 4 GHz.
90-deg. Hybrid Coupler Conquers 1 to 12 GHz
A broadband 90-deg. hybrid coupler boasts low loss from 1 to 12 GHz.
Broadband Amplifiers Span DC to 22 GHz 1
In support of a growing number of broadband applications, new distributed power amplifiers feature a bandwidth of DC to 22 GHz.
Wide Bandwidth Emulator Aids Satellite Testing
A line of satellite link emulators provides the means of checking the performance of a satcom system when faced with different types of signal errors and distortion.
Pre-Engineered Circuit Elements Contribute to Rapid Prototyping
A unique rapid prototyping method helps to quickly develop custom RF/microwave frequency-conversion solutions.
Miniature VCO Cuts Noise to 6,450 MHz
A low-phase-noise VCO tunes from 5,350 to 6,450 MHz.
Foundry Forges Analog Process Control
A commercial foundry works closely with customers to provide a wide range of custom ICs.
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