Jean-Jacques DeLisle


Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Technical Editor

Jean-Jacques graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. In his studies, Jean-Jacques focused on Control Systems Design, Mixed-Signal IC Design, and RF Design. His research focus was in smart-sensor platform design for RF connector applications for the telecommunications industry. During his research, Jean-Jacques developed a passion for the field of RF/microwaves and expanded his knowledge by doing R&D for the telecommunications industry. Journalism was always a passion of Jean-Jacques’ as well. He enjoyed writing for RIT’s university publication in addition to working on white papers, patents, and technical articles.

Jean-Jacques is excited to cover the latest trends in research, technology, and products. He is also determined to help engineers gain access to information services, which will aid in the design process while preventing many engineers from having to "reinvent the wheel"--a problem that is so common to the field.

What Techniques Boost PA Efficiency?
The latest and future GaN amplifiers are capable of handling extreme amounts of power over very broad frequencies. This scenario brings up the fascinating design challenge of optimizing output parameters for greater efficiency in such a versatile device.
Interview: Art Aguayo, Sr. Business Development Manager for Rogers Corp.
Rogers Corp.'s Art Aguayo talks circuit material market trends with Microwaves & RF.
2014 RF Engineering Salary Survey
View the results of the 2014 RF Engineering Salary Survey as we take a closer look at the numbers and offer insights into unemployment, growing salaries, outsourcing, wages, women in engineering, and other trends that affect you.
How Great a Gift is a Wireless Prosthesis?
From environmentally resilient microprocessor joints to direct nerve controlled robotic limbs, getting our wounded back into the action has never been more possible.
Making Those Wireless Myoelectric Sensors Work
A Q+A session with Glen Griffith, principal RF communications engineer for the Alfred Mann Foundation.
Healing Heroes, One Wireless Limb at a Time
Adding wireless technologies to control settings, charge, or actively control prosthetic limbs could lead to much more versatile and weather-proof prosthetic options for soldiers who were wounded in battle
What Does a Coaxial Cable Look Like?
As there are many environments and applications were RF devices find themselves, coaxial cables need to be built to meet a range of challenges.
What’s in Your Coaxial Cable?
Coaxial cables along with waveguides, twisted-pair, and micro-strip transmission lines, are used to carry electromagnetic signals from a few megahertz to hundreds of gigahertz with reasonably low signal degradation
Characterization Softwares For Your RF/Microwave Devices
Testing RF/microwave/millimeter-wave devices under a wide operation range for characterization can be time consuming and error prone. Fortunately, companies are forging software/hardware solutions to aid and even automate this process.
What Software Do You Use To Characterize Your Devices?
The task of testing and characterizing RF/microwave/millimeter-wave devices is growing increasingly more complex and time consuming. These new devices need to be characterized so that statistical models can be developed for sophisticated system and circuit design software.
How Would You Automate A Microwave Assembly Process?
Automating the integrated assembly process can provide many cost and fabrication enhancing benefits. The increased consistency and material efficiency of automation also aids in producing more reliable assemblies.
Is Going Soft A Good Thing? How About Full-Auto?
As the design cycles accelerates, the use and reliance on software tools for modeling and simulation is increasing. Automated testing and manufacturing techniques are also used to meet ever-closer design deadlines.
Inside Track with Duncan Pilgrim, Vice President of Marketing, Peregrine Semiconductor
Peregrine's Duncan Pilgrim touts the benefits of RF SOI technology.
13 Things You Missed at NI Week
The core of NI Week is the showcasing and discussion around technologies to accelerate productivity for software-defined systems in test, measurement, and control.
Microwave Industry Awards Whip Up the Recognition
The results from our survey of engineers and industry professionals in the microwave and RF field are in, allowing us to showcase the companies that help the industry stay abreast of trends and technology.


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