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Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Technical Editor

Jean-Jacques graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. In his studies, Jean-Jacques focused on Control Systems Design, Mixed-Signal IC Design, and RF Design. His research focus was in smart-sensor platform design for RF connector applications for the telecommunications industry. During his research, Jean-Jacques developed a passion for the field of RF/microwaves and expanded his knowledge by doing R&D for the telecommunications industry. Journalism was always a passion of Jean-Jacques’ as well. He enjoyed writing for RIT’s university publication in addition to working on white papers, patents, and technical articles.

Jean-Jacques is excited to cover the latest trends in research, technology, and products. He is also determined to help engineers gain access to information services, which will aid in the design process while preventing many engineers from having to "reinvent the wheel"--a problem that is so common to the field.

What’s the Difference between OpenVPX, OpenRFM, and MORA?
Employing open and modular platforms for RF/microwave systems could substantially decrease initial cost and maintenance while reducing the time and cost of upgrading legacy systems.
300-GHz Transceiver Boasts On-Chip LO and Mixers
Researchers from Korea and the United States designed a 300-GHz transceiver for wideband communications and imaging applications. It houses fundamental local oscillators and mixers on a 250-nm indium-phosphide double-heterojunction bipolar transistor process.
MEMS Switch Hits Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
Researchers from Canada explore a waveguide structure internally lined with MEMS cantilever actuators in order to realize a millimeter-wave switch that can operate from 60 to 75 GHz.
Cardboard and Inkjet Printed Silver Make One Good Power Harvester
Researchers from Finland and the U.S. designed an environmentally friendly 800-to-1500-MHz energy harvesting antenna using biodegradable materials. In doing so, they developed a fabrication process that achieved reasonable energy efficiency over a wide bandwidth.
Why More RF Engineers Are Choosing Fiber Connectors
Carrying wideband and high-dynamic-range signals over coaxial cables has always invited the problem of having to reduce noise and distortion.
Low Cost-Per-Bit Backhaul Solutions Define Millimeter-Wave Small Cells
Synergistic solutions incorporating multiple backhaul technologies and small cells may be the most cost-effective and capable solution to augmenting the existing network infrastructure.
Time-Domain EM Simulators Optimize Automotive Radar
To design the most accurate and reliable automotive radar for next-generation smart cars, advanced time-domain EM simulation techniques are necessary to optimize the radar performance from component to device level.
The Top 6 Challenges for Signal Generators Handling LTE, Wi-Fi, and 5G
To accommodate the latest wireless standards, signal generators are being scaled with ever-greater capability.
AESAs Boost Multi-Role Capabilities for Warfighters, UAVs, and Wi-Fi
Advanced electronic-warfare technologies and techniques have taken hold of AESA solutions to create applications ranging from electronic attack to UAVs and data links.
Inside Track: Tim Morin, Director of Marketing, Microsemi
Microsemi's Tim Morin discusses the largest technology challenges facing Internet of Things (IoT) market demand and growth.
Pinpoint the High-Frequency Resistance of Toroidal Windings
Using finite-element analysis and modeling mathematics, it’s possible to develop formulas and graphs that help to calculate the high-frequency resistance of single- and double-layer toroidal inductors.
These 11 Specifications Define PIN-Diode Switches 1
From switch type to compression point, PIN-diode-switch parameters must be precisely specified during system-level design to ensure functional or optimized end products.
Wireless communication
Scientists Compare Phase Noise With Vector OFDM
Because V-OFDM has been shown to generally outperform OFDM, researchers are interested in analyzing it and performing preliminary compensation for phase noise studies with V-OFDM systems.
Compare HetNet Cost and Capacity from 0.7 to 28 GHz
In an attempt to assess the cost-effectiveness of different heterogeneous network implementations, researchers studied the deployment and evaluations of several path/propagation loss models.
Researchers Demonstrate SDR-Based Wireless Tomography
To enhance RF remote sensing technology, researchers used phase-reconstruction techniques and modern SDR devices to create tomographic maps of objects.

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