Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Technical Editor

Jean-Jacques graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. In his studies, Jean-Jacques focused on Control Systems Design, Mixed-Signal IC Design, and RF Design. His research focus was in smart-sensor platform design for RF connector applications for the telecommunications industry. During his research, Jean-Jacques developed a passion for the field of RF/microwaves and expanded his knowledge by doing R&D for the telecommunications industry. Journalism was always a passion of Jean-Jacques’ as well. He enjoyed writing for RIT’s university publication in addition to working on white papers, patents, and technical articles.

Jean-Jacques is excited to cover the latest trends in research, technology, and products. He is also determined to help engineers gain access to information services, which will aid in the design process while preventing many engineers from having to "reinvent the wheel"--a problem that is so common to the field.

Articles by Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Test High-Power RF/Microwave From Tower To Tabletop
The test bench for high-power RF/microwave signals has increased in complexity with advanced modulation techniques and high power ICs. Higher frequencies for telecommunications and military/defense have also added another layer of test considerations.
Price, Power, And Size Drive Attenuator Advancement
Attenuators have been shrinking in size and price while operational requirements have been rising. Fitting higher frequency and power specs into a smaller package with advanced control architectures is a small scope of attenuator engineers current challenges.
Leverage RF Power Meters For EM Compatibility Testing
Power meters could enhance testing for electromagnetic compatibility and aid engineers in designing devices resistant to EMI. As a replacement for diode detectors, power meters could improve the quality of EMI/EMC test.
Think Deeply About PIM
Passive intermodulation distortion is becoming a more prevalent concern as wireless congestion peaks and the demand for high speed data rises. Knowing the fundamentals of PIM is the first step toward combatting this issue.
Affordable Test Equipment Boosts RF/Microwave Development
Increased RF/microwave electronics integration is leading to some exciting developments.
Smart RFID-Reader Phase Techniques Guide Indoor Autonomous Vehicles
Using the phase of periodically placed RFID tags, a tag reader equipped autonomous vehicle is able to identify its location within an indoor environment using the tag phase difference.
3D Micromachined Subsystems Enable mm-Wave Components
Millimeter and submillimeter wave devices, such as 3D microfabricated passive and active components, could provide solutions for biomedical imaging, anti-collision radars, and electronic warfare.
Flexible Terahertz Metamaterials Are Optically Tuned
Using advanced metamaterials, scientists are able to construct devices with 60% modulation depth to 1.8 THz using GaAs patches with split-ring resonators.
0.5% Bandwidth-Tunable Amps Get Real For EW
Methods for designing a non-superconducting and negative-resistance tunable amplifier using a small signal varactor upconverter for narrow-bandwidth operation is described along with potential applications for electronic warfare.
Software-Defined Radios Accelerate Wireless-System Design Cycle
Software-defined radios (SDRs) with enhanced software suites could be the ticket to coping with the increased complexity of new wireless systems as demand quickens the pace of design cycles.
GaN Enables RF Where LDMOS And GaAs Can't
There is excitement for GaN as a disruptive technology for GaAs/LDMOS and enabling technology for high-power and high-frequency RF applications. But complex engineering solutions decisions with device technology are based on more than just raw performance.
Semiconductor Technology Offers Exciting Possibilities
Many technologies—developed and newer alike—are being touted as potential solutions to the problem of integrating analog, digital, and RF components on the same chip.
Portable Test & Measurement Equipment Provides Benchtop Performance
Portable equipment for RF/microwave testing has advanced dramatically in recent years. RF researchers, engineers, and technicians could find the latest in these portable units anywhere from table tops to tower tops.
SoCs Bring High-End RF Devices From Lab To Sofa
RF integration is reaching an all-time high, as RF components that were previously external to the system processors are finding themselves neighbors with the GPUs and CPUs of modern systems-on-a-chip (SoCs). As these advanced semiconductor devices lead to cost savings, SoCs are finding their way into new markets.
Interview: Amir Eliaz, Co-Founder and CTO, MagnaCom
The communications industry is under a significant amount of pressure to enable the latest in RF technology demands for video streaming and Big Data. Amir Eliaz shares some details on how this may cope with such demands.
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