Jean-Jacques DeLisle


Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Technical Editor

Jean-Jacques graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. In his studies, Jean-Jacques focused on Control Systems Design, Mixed-Signal IC Design, and RF Design. His research focus was in smart-sensor platform design for RF connector applications for the telecommunications industry. During his research, Jean-Jacques developed a passion for the field of RF/microwaves and expanded his knowledge by doing R&D for the telecommunications industry. Journalism was always a passion of Jean-Jacques’ as well. He enjoyed writing for RIT’s university publication in addition to working on white papers, patents, and technical articles.

Jean-Jacques is excited to cover the latest trends in research, technology, and products. He is also determined to help engineers gain access to information services, which will aid in the design process while preventing many engineers from having to "reinvent the wheel"--a problem that is so common to the field.

Highly Portable Vector Reflectometer
Jean-Jacques DeLisle, Technical Editor at Microwaves & RF, demonstrates Copper Mountain's small form factor USB-based vector reflectometer, which is useful for portable testing and direct testing on antennae feeds.
Rapid Prototyping PCBs Using UV Laser Delamination
Jean-Jacques DeLisle, Technical Editor at Microwaves & RF, explains how a UV laser can be used in rapid prototyping of PCBs. The system demonstrated is the LPKF ProtoLaser U3, a 6-Watt UV laser rapid prototyping system.
Dr. Stephen Maas - 2014 Microwaves & RF Living Legend
Dr. Stephen Maas is the recipient of our 2014 Microwaves & RF Living Legends Award, which was presented to him at the 2014 International Microwaves Symposium (IMS) held in Tampa, FL. Dr. Maas has an extensive background in R&D of low noise and nonlinear microwave circuits and systems, he is a prolific author and educator, is currently Chief Scientist at AWR, and founder of Nonlinear Technologies. Microwaves & RF Technical Editor, Jean-Jacques DeLisle, sat down with Dr. Maas for an in-depth interview with our newest Microwaves & RF Living Legend.
2014 Best Of Microwaves & RF Industry Awards
During this year’s International Microwaves Symposium (IMS 2014) show in Tampa, FL, Microwaves & RF presented the second annual “Best Of Microwaves & RF Industry Awards". We asked members of our community to vote on their top choices for BEST website, blog, video, educational tools, and more.
From Real Time to Real Accuracy: Spectrum Analyzers Have Your Signal Covered
When frequency spectrum and modulation information on unknown signals is needed, spectrum and signal analyzers are there to hunt down even spurious elements.
SDRs Leap Ahead With Software And Processor Advances
Using software-defined radio systems to rapidly prototype and even deploy the latest RF communication systems is lowering production times dramatically in applications from test to tactical.
Test Chambers Analyze Mega- To Micro-Sized Antennas
High-powered, ultra-wideband, and high-frequency antenna are pushing the boundaries of what antenna test chambers can handle. To meet these demands, antenna test chambers and systems have grown smaller, tougher, and more accurate.
GaN-Based AESAs Enable U.S. Navy’s Next-Generation Jammer 1
The U.S. Navy is stepping up its electronic-warfare capability by contracting Raytheon to build the latest in stand-off jamming systems for its aircraft.
Gallery: Preview of the New Products at IMS 2014
The flagship symposium of this year’s Microwave Week, IMS 2014, will feature over 575 companies and include a full schedule with 160 technical sessions. Click through the gallery to preview some of the new devices that will be on display.
Inside Track with Noel Heiks, CEO of Nuvotronics
As millimeter-wave technology and microfabrication boom, Nuvotronics’ Noel Heiks shares her thoughts on that up-and-coming industry and where this company aims to grow.
GNSS Signals Are Used For Frequency Standards
GPS systems can be used for more than just accurate position and tracking information. With the proper receiver technology, a high-performance and cost-effective frequency standard can be realized from the existing GPS infrastructure.
Simulation Software Optimizes Missile Antennas
Properly predicting the performance of non-planar antenna arrays using hand calculations isn’t practical for most applications. 3D EM solvers with advanced parametric optimization tools can enhance the speed and accuracy of the development process for these complex structures.
L- and Ka-Band Antennas Share The Same Patch
Using a PCB fabrication technique, a frequency-selective-surface and groundplane-enhanced antenna offers multifrequency operation capability for satellite communications.
GaN MMICs For Small Cells Get A Doherty Power Boost
Saving cost and space is a significant incentive for integrating the parts of microwave power amplifiers. There is a tradeoff of performance that could be enhanced by external passive components and clever power splitting in PAs.
RF Sensors Biodegrade Under Pressure
Biodegradable RF sensors could save patients a costly extra surgery if they can be made to safely break down in the body.

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