Jean-Jacques DeLisle


Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Technical Editor

Jean-Jacques graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. In his studies, Jean-Jacques focused on Control Systems Design, Mixed-Signal IC Design, and RF Design. His research focus was in smart-sensor platform design for RF connector applications for the telecommunications industry. During his research, Jean-Jacques developed a passion for the field of RF/microwaves and expanded his knowledge by doing R&D for the telecommunications industry. Journalism was always a passion of Jean-Jacques’ as well. He enjoyed writing for RIT’s university publication in addition to working on white papers, patents, and technical articles.

Jean-Jacques is excited to cover the latest trends in research, technology, and products. He is also determined to help engineers gain access to information services, which will aid in the design process while preventing many engineers from having to "reinvent the wheel"--a problem that is so common to the field.

Inside Track with Duncan Pilgrim, Vice President of Marketing, Peregrine Semiconductor 1
Peregrine's Duncan Pilgrim touts the benefits of RF SOI technology.
13 Things You Missed at NI Week
The core of NI Week is the showcasing and discussion around technologies to accelerate productivity for software-defined systems in test, measurement, and control.
Microwave Industry Awards Whip Up the Recognition
The results from our survey of engineers and industry professionals in the microwave and RF field are in, allowing us to showcase the companies that help the industry stay abreast of trends and technology.
Turn Down the Noise with LNAs 1
Using a low noise amplifier in a receiver design can optimize a signal’s quality and reduce the nonlinearities and noise introduced into the signal path from an antenna.
Millimeter Waves Enhance Military Projects
Taking advantage of the broad spectrum and unique physical behavior of millimeter waves may be the next step toward advancing a wide range of technologies for the military and aerospace industries.
Hybrid VCO Enables Robust Startup
Using a hybrid AB/B class VCO typology, researchers from National Taipei University of Technology have designed and tested a low-supply-voltage, low-DC-power-dissipation, and wide-tuning-range circuit.
Spatial Modulation Outperforms Massive MIMO
Spatial modulation MIMO may bring enhanced signal-to-noise ratios to multi-user environments.
Wireless Networks Advance with a Software Backbone
Many sensing and security applications could benefit from distributed sensor nodes using wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Adding software configurability could increase WSN efficiency and practicality to enable many new applications.
Inside Track with Tarun Amla, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Isola Group
Among the cutting-edge applications are advanced driver-assist systems with radar applications for automobiles, such as adaptive cruise control. Other applications rising in the automotive space include collision avoidance, blind-spot detection, lane-departure warning, and stop-and-go systems.
Timing Requirements Change, and So Do Voltage-Controlled Oscillators 2
Timing requirements for modern commercial electronics are demanding more for the same cost in a smaller footprint. Conversely, military and aerospace applications are looking for timing products that have advanced in thermal, vibration, and aging stability.
Two-dimensional jitter analysis
Seeing Jitter in an Eye Diagram
Using probability mass functions to represent both intersymbol interference (ISI) and jitter, a method of statistical simulation can be developed to consider their effects in tandem.
Interference-Free Millimeter-Wave Radios Promise Security
Using unlicensed millimeter-wave bands may be the next step toward higher-bandwidth and higher-security commercial communications.
Vector Reflectometer’s Compact Size Brings Connectivity Advantages
Copper Mountain’s Planar R54 vector reflectometer, demonstrated by MW&RF Technology Editor Jean-Jacques DeLisle at IMS 2014, measures 117 by 39 by 19 mm and weighs 8.8 oz.
Solid-State Cooking Oven Gives Users Greater Control
Jean-Jacques DeLisle, MWRF’s tech-editor, demonstrates the process of a solid-state cooking oven at IMS 2014.
UV Laser Delamination Raises the Rapid-Prototyping Bar
To accelerate 2D-surface prototyping, LPKF equipped its ProtoLaser U3 with an ultraviolet (UV) laser to selectively delaminate and cut substrates.

Adding EMI Pre-compliance Testing to the Product Development Process is Cost-effective Insurance
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Reducing Life Cycle Costs with Reliable Airframe Microwave Assemblies
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