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Materials Make the Difference in Low-PIM PCB Antennas
Certain characteristics of circuit materials can indicate whether a material will contribute to higher or lower levels of PIM for a printed-circuit RF/microwave antenna.
Picking PCB Materials for Microwave Amps
Circuit materials should offer different characteristics for use in power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers.
Picking Proper PCB Materials For LNAs 1
The choice of PCB material can have an impact on the performance possible from a high-frequency LNA design.
Benefit From High-Dk Microwave Circuit Materials
Printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials with high dielectric constants can help miniaturize microwave circuits, but engineers using these materials must be aware of the impact of loss and dispersion on their designs.
Navigating Multilayer Microwave PCB Tradeoffs
There are numerous ways to assemble multilayer microwave printed circuits, depending on whether cost or performance is important, and when factors such as ease of fabrication and reliability are critical.
Thermal Design Begins At The Circuit Board
Understanding different characterization parameters related to temperature can help when selecting a printed-circuit-board material for high-power RF/microwave applications.
Microwave Materials Lay Foundation For PAs
Understanding key material parameters can help power-amplifier designers to choose the optimum high-frequency laminate in support of their circuits.
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