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Nancy Friedrich began her career in technical publishing in 1998. After a stint with sister publication Electronic Design as Chief Copy Editor, Nancy worked as Managing Editor of Embedded Systems Development. She then became a Technology Editor at Wireless Systems Design, an offshoot of Microwaves & RF. Nancy has called the microwave space “home” since 2005.

Receiver Harvests 21-Hz Clock Signal From GSM Band
To conserve energy in wireless sensor networks, the wake-up receiver can harvest a digital clock signal from an existing wireless standard (i.e., a clock-harvesting receiver).
Mini Wireless Neural Sensor Consumes Just 10.5 μW
This wirelessly powered node is interrogated using a custom printed-circuit-board (PCB) antenna and COTS components in both a benchtop and in vivo setting.
Interview: Blake Peterson, Microwaves & RF “Living Legend”
Agilent Technologies' technical support pioneer looks back on his 45-year career.
Take A Model-Based Approach To Envelope Tracking
With envelope tracking providing a means to boost low efficiency in a power amplifier’s backoff region, it is useful to model the factors that may introduce distortion into a system.
Moving-Window FDTD Handles Propagation In Near-Real Time
The Moving Window Finite Difference Time Domain (MWFDTD) is well suited for porting to the GPU, as calculations can be made in parallel to completely utilize the GPU’s power.
Picking A Winner
The “Best of Microwaves” awards were conceived to recognize those companies that are reaching and serving engineers most effectively online—via technical resources like white papers, videos, blogs, and social media.
Intermodulated Regenerative Receivers Satisfy Terahertz-Imaging Needs
Thanks to their non-coherent nature and narrow bandwidth limit, super regenerative receivers (SRRs) are well suited for terahertz imaging applications using continuous-wave excitation.
10-Gb/s Linear Burst-Mode Receiver Reaches 85 dBΩ Gain
This linear burst mode receiver, which provides impressive linearity, sensitivity, dynamic range, and preamble length, was designed in 0.25 μm SiGe:C BiCMOS technology.
Divide-By-Three ILFDs Operate Beyond 280 GHz
Work on frequency dividers has led to G-band (140~220 GHz) and H-band (220~325 GHz) divide by 3 injection locked frequency dividers (ILFDs), which can be used in a millimeter wave PLL.
Integrated 60-GHz Transceiver Conquers Four-Channel Communications
This 60 GHz, 16QAM transceiver includes the RF front end, antenna, and analog and digital baseband circuitry to achieve four-channel wireless communication for QPSK and 16QAM with low power consumption.
Interview: Greg Maury, President, Maury Microwave
For Maury Microwave's President, business is a family tradition stretching back three generations.
Active Wearable Antenna Serves GPS And Iridium Applications
This active wearable antenna has a chip LNA and discrete hybrid coupler directly integrated onto the textile antenna.
Glass DRA Serves As Light Cover
Using omnidirectional, hollow rectangular-glass DRAs, a dual-function glass DRA proves that it can also serve as a light cover.
Understand HSPA+ Concepts And Measurements
Given the budget advantages, many operators have chosen HSPA+ over Long Term Evolution (LTE) as their short-term upgrade strategy.
Software And Modeling Unite To Raise Yield
By combining passive component models with EDA software, this solution promises to improve design flow efficiency while paving the way for first pass design success.

Adding EMI Pre-compliance Testing to the Product Development Process is Cost-effective Insurance
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Reducing Life Cycle Costs with Reliable Airframe Microwave Assemblies
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