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Nancy Friedrich began her career in technical publishing in 1998. After a stint with sister publication Electronic Design as Chief Copy Editor, Nancy worked as Managing Editor of Embedded Systems Development. She then became a Technology Editor at Wireless Systems Design, an offshoot of Microwaves & RF. Nancy has called the microwave space “home” since 2005.

Reflector System Could Satisfy Antennas On Spinning Platforms
Current spacecraft antenna design must confront the problem of how to mount and deploy large reflector antennas on spinning platforms. The reflector spins at approximately 10 to 40 rpm to cover the desired scanned area on Earth. One solution - ...
MMIC Receiver Covers 4.5 To 10.5 GHz
A fully integrated gallium-arsenide (GaAs), monolithic-microwave-integrated- circuit (MMIC) receiver has been spawned for wirelesscommunications applications like millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, local multipoint distribution services ...
Luneberg Lens Offers Wide Scan With Multiple Pencil Beams
Recently, there has been a resurgence in research interest in spherical Luneberg and homogeneous lens antennas for launching multiple pencil beams. With these approaches, all of the generated beams are almost identical because of the inherent ...
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Tackle Video Measurements
Video measurements pose a tough challenge because of the complexity of video waveforms. Such waveforms often combine the signals that represent the video picture with the timing information that is needed to display the picture. Although some ...
2.4- And 5-GHz Pas Form IEEE 802.11n Building Blocks
With the growing popularity of Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11n wireless-localarea- networking (WLAN) capability is being designed into many next-generation products. To simplify this process, two new power amplifiers (PAs) promise to simplify design ...
Broadband Access Will Mix Wireless With Wire-Line Technologies
By 2015, five billion people will be "connected" - with the majority of them always on and enjoying broadband access. This estimate comes from Nokia Siemens Networks (Espoo, Finland). The company expects those broadband customers to be served ...
Top Products Of 2007
These products offer a glimpse into the industrys most impressive innovations in software, components, and measurement solutions over the past year.
Squat OCXOs Deliver 1-ppb Stability
Communication systems that are based on precise synchronization, such as Global Positioning System (GPS) infrastructure, demand ultra-stable frequency in small sizes. In hopes of satisfying such applications, an oven-controlled ...
PA Delivers 50 W Over 1500 To 2500 MHz
At just 6.4 X 2.5 X 1.5 in., a Class AB linear amplifier vows to deliver 50 W of output power over the full 1500-to-2500-MHz frequency range. The Model BME158258-50 offers gain of 40 dB 1.5 dB. RF input overdrive is +10 dB. The amplifier's input ...
Tracking A Changing Industry
Research and development continues to be driven largely by wireless communications.
BiCMOS VCO Competes For W-Band Applications
Typically, millimeter-wave applications in the 75-to-100-GHz W-band requiring active devices have been considered the territory of III-V compound semiconductor technology. With fT/fMAX frequencies above 150 GHz, however, newer silicon- ...
MIMO Test System Performs Measurements To 6 GHz
MULTIPLE-INPUT MULTIPLE-OUTPUT (MIMO) techniques are rapidly becoming more popular for enhancing radio performance in the presence of noise and interference. To cover both the R&D and production testing of next-generation RF communications ...
Wireless Distribution System Eliminates Dispersion In Clock Networks
AS SYSTEM OPERATING frequency and projected die size increase, it has become more difficult to distribute clock signals across a chip. The resulting problems include larger R-C delays, tighter skew and jitter tolerance, and signal dispersion ...
GaN HEMT Amplifier Delivers 80-Percent PAE At 2 GHz
COMPARED TO THEIR gallium-arsenide (GaAs) counterparts, gallium-nitride transistors can offer significant performance improvements. GaN HEMT transistors in particular are suitable for Class F amplifiers, as they have a high fmax compared to the ...
Gain A Better Understanding Of Antenna Radiation Plots And Their Uses
ANTENNA RADIATION PLOTS show a quick picture of an antenna´s overall response. To many individuals, however, radiation plots appear very confusing. The problem is that each antenna supplier and/or user has different standards and plotting ...
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