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Nancy Friedrich began her career in technical publishing in 1998. After a stint with sister publication Electronic Design as Chief Copy Editor, Nancy worked as Managing Editor of Embedded Systems Development. She then became a Technology Editor at Wireless Systems Design, an offshoot of Microwaves & RF. Nancy has called the microwave space “home” since 2005.

Experiments Begin For Communications Testbed
In addition to raising its understanding of software-defined-radio (SDR) technologies and how they may aid NASA’s communications, this technology is expected to provide both cost savings and efficiency.
Manpack Radio Calls On-Orbit MUOS Satellite
Using the same cell-phone technology that powers commercial smartphones, the PRC-155 Manpack has demonstrated the capability to communicate with the MUOS space-ground network.
Smartphones Prove Their Worth As Satellites
Three smartphones, which are destined to become low-cost satellites, rode to space last month on the maiden flight of Orbital Science Corp.’s Antares rocket. It was launched from NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia.
GaN-On-Diamond Breakthrough Promises To Shrink Transistors
The feasibility of GaN-on-diamond HEMT devices has been proven with the successful transfer of a semiconductor epitaxial overlay onto a synthetic diamond substrate.
Satellites As Watchdogs
Although many people are concerned with the privacy issues arising from monitoring applications, such capabilities can be used to better protect our habitat and its animal inhabitants.
In Memoriam: RLC Electronics’ Founder, Alan Borck
RLC Electronics reflects on the life and legacy of Founder Alan Borck, who passed away on March 1.
Connected Cars Get Green Light
Support is growing for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication standards, creating traction in Europe that should quickly widen to encompass most of the world.
Cobra Judy Replacement Radars Pass Test
The Cobra Judy Replacement program is tasked with delivering a high-performing ship-board radar capability for use by the US Navy, Air Force, and the nation.
TES Detecting Device Cuts Noise Equivalent Power
This group of researchers found ways to compensate for the combined heating effect arising from the fact that the thermal relaxation time of the TES film is much longer than the period of the RF current.
Modular SoC Design Integrates RF Transceiver In 32-nm Process
This system on a chip (SoC) integrates diverse digital, analog, and RF blocks on a single die, allowing the RF transceiver and associated RF front end to co-exist with the rest of the SoC while maintaining RF performance.
1-V Transceiver Exceeds Needs Of IEEE 802.15.6 Narrowband/BLE PHY
Fabricated in 0.13-micron CMOS and measuring just 5.9 square mm, this transceiver satisfies the IEEE 802.15.6 narrowband PHY standard as well as Bluetooth Low Energy to serve WBAN applications.
Eindhoven Is Proving Ground For Improving Traffic Flow 1
With greater connectivity, today’s automobiles generate a vast amount of data that can be used to enhance the driving experience while improving traffic condition and road safety.
REVEALED: Source Of Low-Frequency 1/f Noise
A large number of applications require acceptably low levels of 1/f noise, as it contributes to the phase noise of communication systems and limits sensor sensitivity and selectivity.
Cross-Spectral Phase Noise Is Measured On Terahertz Source
With traditional phase-measurement systems generally unable to perform beyond 125 GHz and spectrally pure sources increasing in frequency, the race is on to conquer phase-noise testing of terahertz sources.
Interview: Eran Eshed, Co-Founder, Altair Semiconductor
Eran Eshed, Co-Founder of Altair Semiconductor, offers his thoughts on the LTE landscape.

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