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Nancy Friedrich began her career in technical publishing in 1998. After a stint with sister publication Electronic Design as Chief Copy Editor, Nancy worked as Managing Editor of Embedded Systems Development. She then became a Technology Editor at Wireless Systems Design, an offshoot of Microwaves & RF. Nancy has called the microwave space “home” since 2005.

Gain A Better Understanding Of Antenna Radiation Plots And Their Uses
ANTENNA RADIATION PLOTS show a quick picture of an antenna´s overall response. To many individuals, however, radiation plots appear very confusing. The problem is that each antenna supplier and/or user has different standards and plotting ...
Commercial Radios Make Leap From Single Carrier To MIMO
COMMERCIAL RADIO TECHNOLOGY is moving away from single-carrier technologies, in which one digital symbol is transmitted at a time. At the heart of the new broadband connection is a modulation scheme called Orthogonal Frequency Division ...
SiGe Bipolar Broadband Amplifier Boasts 3-dB Bandwidth Above 84 GHz
IN TODAY’S HIGH-SPEED communications systems, wideband amplifiers are created through a variety of techniques. Recently, engineers from Austria’s Technical University Vienna began working with designers from Infineon Technologies (Munich, ...
Mobile WiMAX Dominates Broadband Landscape
Although various demonstrations of the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard are proving its viability, technologies like UWB will be called upon to bring broadband into the home.
Multilayer Press Speeds PCB Prototyping
IN THE CREATION of custom or prototype printed-circuit boards (PCBs), key factors often include speed, security, and convenience. The MultiPress S microprocessor- controlled, benchtop multilayer lamination press vows to satisfy all of these ...
CATV Amplifiers Target 1-GHz Networks
A FAMILY OF GALLIUM-ARSENIDE (GaAs) cable-television (CATV) hybrid amplifiers recently welcomed the addition of two multi-chip modules (MCMs). These modules boast feature bandwidth of 40 to 1000 MHz for high output capacity. The maximum noise ...
LNA Modules Promise Noise Down To 1.8 dB
Bridging applications ranging from broadband test equipment to aerospace and defense systems, a line of lownoise- amplifier (LNA) modules covers up to 18 GHz in bands. The NEL- 0618T620-5MH broadband LNA, for example, covers 6 to 18 GHz. It delivers at ...
HTS Filters Undergo Mechanical Tuning
HTS filters are known for their low insertion loss and high out-of-band rejection. Yet the performance of these filters may be negatively impacted by the thickness of the HTS film, dielectric-constant variations, and more. Tuning work is therefore ...
Combine Resources To Increase Reach
My prediction is that American Technical Ceramics cannot help but be slightly changed by this acquisition.
Negative-Resistance Cell Benefits Millimeter-Wave CMOS VCO
Many advanced communication and sensor systems include millimeter-wave voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) as key components. Recently, such devices have been realized in CMOS technology. Compared to III-V compound devices or ...
RF Synthesizer Integrates VCOs For Operation To 5 GHz
Equipment manufactures have been increasingly demanding space and cost-efficient solutions for radio applications with frequencies in the microwave range. A single-chip RF synthesizer with integrated voltagecontrolled oscillators (VCOs) is planning to ...
Demodulator Flaunts PGA With 24 dB Of Gain Range
Compared tosuperheterodyne architectures, a monolithic, high-linearity quadrature demodulator is vowing to reduce the component count of the receive signal chain in third-generation (3G) base stations by at least 75 percent. The TRF3710 demodulator ...
Raise The Visibility Of Remote Microwave Sites
For network operators, support for analogmicrowave monitoring equipment is not always easy to attain. Yet many companies are still relying on microwave transport for their communications network sites. To help those operators improve site ...
DDS-Based Signal Sources Conquer Semiconductor Characterization
With so many modern products relying on semiconductors, it is essential that the behavior of these devices be accurately evaluated. By emulating the waveforms found in actual applications, signal sources promise to help engineers accurately ...
UWB-IR Transmitter Dissipates 29.7 mW At 2.2-V Supply Voltage
In wireless-sensor newtork systems, many wireless terminals collect information like temperature and humidity. ZigBee has been billed as the optimal solution for such networks. Yet Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio (UWB-IR) may prove to be an even ...
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