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Nancy Friedrich began her career in technical publishing in 1998. After a stint with sister publication Electronic Design as Chief Copy Editor, Nancy worked as Managing Editor of Embedded Systems Development. She then became a Technology Editor at Wireless Systems Design, an offshoot of Microwaves & RF. Nancy has called the microwave space “home” since 2005.

Modern Signal Generators Simplify I/Q Modulator Characterization
In-Phase/Quadrature (I/Q) Modulators are crucial to modern telecommunications. Currently, designers are working on I/Q modulators to meet the increasing demands for transmission bandwidth and signal quality. The performance of such devices must be ...
Nonsurgical Microwave Procedure Uncovers Pregnancy Risks
During pregnancy, the physiological changes that occur can result in complications for the mother and—in turn—the fetus. At the Microwave Tomography and Materials Research Laboratory's Department of Electronics at Cochin University of Science and ...
Antenna Modeling System Checks Hearing-Aid Compatibility
By February of next year, all US wireless carriers will have to guarantee that 50 percent of their phones are hearing-aid compatible. With version 2007.4 of the Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS), users can evaluate hearing-aid compatibility ...
Wireless Adoption Surges Despite Fears
Sitting in a Wi-Fi hotspot for a year results in receiving the same dose of radio waves as making a 20-minute mobile-phone call.
Switch IC Offers Broadband Operation To 3.8 GHz
WiMAX is inspiring new designs across the industry. A 10-W, double-pole, four-throw (DP4T), gallium-arsenide (GaAs), monolithic-microwave-integrated-circuit (MMIC) switch has now been spawned to help designers integrate WiMAX into customer premise ...
2D Tomographic Imaging Characterizes Benign And Malignant Breast Tissue
X-Ray mammography currently misses an estimated 15 percent of breast cancer. It also has trouble imaging women with dense breasts and discriminating between benign and malignant masses. As an alternative, a characterization of benign and malignant breast ...
TDR/TDT System Handles High-Bandwidth S-Parameter Analysis
In high-speed serial communications systems, a designer usually relies on a vector network analyzer (VNA) to measure S-parameters. The VNA measures input/output reflections and transmission by sequentially applying signals at various frequencies ...
Reflectarray Antenna Can Steer Main Beam To Large Angles From Broadside
Microstrip reflectarray antennas promise to provide the best features of printed phased-array and parabolic reflector antennas. Such antennas comprise a feed horn, which illuminates a flat array of reflection elements. To produce a planar phase ...
2.4-GHz Subthreshold LNA Achieves 9.8 dB Gain
Modern wireless applicationsare pushing complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) devices to scale toward sub-1-µm gate lengths. For these devices to operate at higher frequencies, however, their gate-oxide thickness must be reduced and ...
Crystal Oscillators Keep Time In Communications Systems
The rapid evolution of military-electronics systems and commercial wireless communications has created expansive opportunities for crystal oscillators.
Microwave Legends 2007
Through their insightful creativity and research, these five historical figures have shaped and in many ways spawned the microwave industry.
Wideband Downconverter RF IC Covers 800 To 2700 MHz
Many new products simultaneously target third-generation (3G), fourth-generation (4G), and WiMAX infrastructure. For example, a wideband-downconverter RF integrated circuit (RF IC) now claims to satisfy almost all wireless-infrastructure ...
Jitter Test Instrument Offers Crest Factor Above 18 dB
As serial buses advance through faster edges and narrower unit intervals, more pressure is being placed on the design, compliance testing, and debug processes. The J7000 Jitter Test System promises to alter serial signal streams by injecting ...
Chip Capacitors Are Valued At 10 To 220 pF At 4000 VDC
Unlike standard electrolytic Capacitors, the Type EDL electric double-layer supercapacitor can actually act as a battery. By leveraging this feature, designers can avoid the environmental or hazardous-material issues associated with batteries. ...
Digital Radio Test Set Satisfies TETRA And P25
To stay current with varied and evolving communications standards, many digital test sets are now rooted in software-defined-radio (SDR) technology. As a result, users can easily expand and upgrade their capabilities. The 3920 Radio Test Set, ...

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