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Paul Whytock is European Editor for Microwaves & RF and European Editor-in-Chief for Electronic Design. He reports on the latest news and technology developments in Europe for his US readers while providing his European engineering audience with global news coverage from the electronics sector. Trained originally as a design engineer with Ford Motor Co., Whytock holds an HNC in mechanical, electrical, and production engineering.

Antennas and eICIC Testing Boost Mobile And HetNet Performance Levels
A new single-antenna technology will enable mobile-handset device manufacturers to replace several antennas with one multiband component.
Process Technology To Cut Mobile Device Front-End Size
An advanced component process technology has been developed to shrink the RF front-end of mobile devices.
Is RF Energy Still A Source Of Heat?
A line of silicon LDMOS transistors has been developed specifically for applications in RF heating at 2.4 to 2.5 GHz.
Emulator Takes LTE Testing Into The Real World
As a key feature of Long Term Evolution (LTE), multiple input multiple output (MIMO) introduces complex radio conditions that may be helped by emulators and other testing solutions.
Flexible RFID Sensor Tag Could Cut Food Waste
To help to eliminate waste, an RFID chip, microcontroller, and sensor integrated circuit have been integrated into a flexible tag that monitors the freshness of food.
Card Payments Get Faster And Safer
The Coil-on-Module package combines a security chip and antenna, which enables an RF connection to the antenna embedded on the plastic payment card. By using an RF link rather than a mechanical-electrical connection, this solution provides as much as a 5X increase in speed compared to conventional solutions.
White-Space Communications Will Kickstart The “Internet of Things”
With its ability to utilize unused bandwidth, white-space communications technology is rapidly gaining ground in Europe.
In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Hits The Road…Without Jack (Or Plug) 1
Toyota’s Avalon will feature a wireless charging system. Using Qi and RFID technology, it lets drivers charge their smartphones while driving. All the driver does is place his or her Qi-protocol-enabled phone onto a charging mat built into the dash panel.
EuMW Amsterdam Delivers On New Technology
European Editors Sally Ward-Foxton and Paul Whytock report their findings from the 15th Annual European Microwave Week.
Memory Infusion Allows Chip To Further RFID’s Reach
Langen, Germany: RF identification (RFID) has been a major success for the wireless industry, helping manufacturers keep track of parts and products in a multitude of markets. Now, RFID may have the capacity to expand its scope by invading new markets.
When Will 4G Make The Great VoLTE Leap Forward?
For all of the hype surrounding Long-Term-Evolution (LTE), it has one inherent flaw: the inability to support voice communication. Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technology is attempting to solve that problem.
HetNet Solutions Advance While Femtocell Transceivers Cut Design Costs

Increased coverage and operating capacity are sorely needed if future cellular networks are to provide adequate service. With more than one billion mobile-broadband users worldwide, heterogeneous-network (HetNet) technology is progressing rapidly to meet that goal. HetNet will provide substantial numbers of macro-networks and a large number of small cells, including femtocells. In the past, large cells encountered problems when they handled large numbers of users, which reduced the operating capacity per customer.

Test And Chip Breakthroughs Create Smaller, Faster, More Dependable Consumer Products
Wireless consumer-electronic products increasingly include data-intensive applications. Meanwhile, applications below 10 GHzsuch as wireless local-area networking (WLAN)face spectrum scarcity. Consequently, wireless-system designers have to explore ...
Contactless Payment Card Integrates Security Controller
Nearly 1.3 million German citizens will soon be testing a new payment-card system. In this project, bank and savings customers will be offered tap-and-go payment-card facilities in shops and gas stations for payments as high as 20 Euros. Dubbed Girogo, ...
Hearing Aids Embrace Wireless Solutions
In other Nordic news, hearing solutions company GN ReSound, has employed the company’s nRF24L01+ in its ReSound Alera™ hearing aid. This offering enables users to wirelessly stream audio from consumer electronics devices such as TVs directly to their hearing aid(s) over a range to 20 m (see figure).
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