Shikai Zhang

Compressed UNB-OFDM Delivers High Data Rates 1
High data rates are achievable by trimming sidebands—without consuming the large amounts of bandwidth required for conventional wideband modulation schemes.
Assessing Different Ultranarrowband Formats

Conventional modulation formats make use of upper and lower sidebands to send information with a carrier signal. Some formats use both sidebands, and are categorized as double-sideband (DSB) modulation, while some methods can transfer information by means of single-sideband (SSB) modulation. Ultrawideband (UWB) modulation spreads signals across a wide expanse of bandwidth, while ultranarrowband (UNB) modulation does not require the use of the sideband spectra.

UNB Modulation Salvages Spectrum
Understanding the limitations and capabilities of ultra narrowband (UNB) modulation formats can help in applying these techniques to transport wireless data efficiently over crowded bandwidths.
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