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Don't Forget The Little Guy
I have been a reader of Microwaves & RF magazine for many years and have enjoyed your technical articles and Product Features, although I would prefer that the stories about products would include more opinion and insight on these products, ...
Sideband Suspicion
I was disappointed to see the article "Sidebands Are Not Necessary" (August 2011). This work has been debunked in several places, one of them being a good article on the web by Phil Karn. As the published article makes a rather outrageous ...
A Good Idea At The Time
A long time ago (1978-79 timeframe), I worked at RCA in Burlington, MA as an RF design engineer. I was on a team to develop an 18-GHz frequency extension for a US Army depot automatic test set, known as EQUATE. The senior member of the ...
Setting The Record Straight
In a recent Microwaves & RF newsletter, we noticed that you referred to our company as "Richardson Electronics." Earlier this year, we re-launched as Richardson RFPD, Inc. (an Arrow Electronics Company). Previously, our company was part ...
Let's Treat Leeson Right
Your June issue featured an interesting article by Eoin Carey on the effects of VCO tuning bandwidth on phase noise. The article proposed that the phase noise of two otherwise similar VCOs that were based on the same design approaches and ...
Alive And Thriving
In a previous issue of Microwaves & RF magazine, an incorrect statement saying Polyfet RF Devices is no longer in business was made. In actuality, nothing can be further from the truth. Polyfet RF Devices is alive and doing well. Polyfet ...
Transistor Omission
TRANSISTOR OMISSION We read your article "Transistors Energize Solid-State Amplifiers" in the April edition of Microwaves & RF with both interest and disbelief, as Integra Technologies isn't mentioned oncedespite having been in ...
Let's Get History Right
LET'S GET HISTORY RIGHT I enjoyed reading your "Microwave Memories" column in the March Microwaves & RF, until I got to the last paragraph describing the near-palm-sized newly released varactor diode circuit. For your information, the ...
More Ham Memories, Part 2
Editor's Note: In last issue's Feedback section, longtime Microwaves & RF reader Robert R. Kornowski recalled a early encounter with a ham radio operatorone that would have a profound influence on his future engineering career. ...
More Ham Memories
Your Editor's Note in the December 2010 issue of Microwaves & RF Magazine regarding the role that ham (amateur) radio played/plays in the development and evolution of RF engineering triggered a cascade of memories that I think you ...
To The Editor I read your editorial, "Ham Radio Is Alive And Well" with interest in the October issue. When I saw the previous reader feedback I didn't respond, though I suppose I should have as I knew something was amiss. But, because ...
Hamming It Up Dear Mr. Browne, AS AN EE, a long time Microwaves & RF subscriber, and an active ham for over 45 years, I am more than pleased to see that you corrected the error in the Microwaves & RF Update newsletter. In fact, I ...
Revised Data Dear Mr. Browne, Your on-line editorial in the September 23 Microwaves & RF Update e-newsletter, "Amateur Radio Ranks Are Shrinking" (visit had faulty data or biased observations. The numbers of FCC-granted ...
To The Editor: First of all, I would like to thank you for sending me your publication. I have been a reader of Microwaves & RF since it changed its name from "MicroWaves" and have usually found at least one article of interest in each issue, ...
Continuing The Discussion In the June issue of Microwaves & RF, I presented my request to clarify Fig.1 in the article, "Antenna Assists MW Power Transmission". The author failed to respond and explain it, and I still do not understand it. ...

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