Considering how far wireless technology has come, it is surprising that communicating while traveling internationally is still so problematic. Beyond high roaming charges, technical issues arise. Often, people are unable to use their devices from place to place—or at least do so seamlessly. This problem is exacerbated for business travelers, who are relying on their equipment and machines to perform key tasks. To improve this situation using both wired and wireless networks, an alliance has been formed by seven operators: KPN, NTT Docomo, Rogers Communications, SingTel, Telefonica, Telstra, and Vimpelcom.

Having entered into a memorandum of understanding, the companies have formed an alliance that supports a single, global platform. Specifically, the alliance will focus on the development of a seamless, globally accepted machine-to-machine (M2M) solution to be used by multinational customers with connected M2M devices. Alliance members also will be partnering to develop the M2M market and enhance user experience.

By enabling the delivery of a global product with a single subscriber identity module (SIM), the alliance plans to eliminate roaming costs in the countries of participating operators. The centralized management of SIM status and performance of M2M devices across the globe will be managed from a single web interface via Jasper Wireless’ Control Center. The alliance expects to create efficiencies for manufacturers while enhancing end-user experience. It also hopes to develop and grow M2M business globally, simplify the development of new business models, speed the delivery of new products and services to market, and help multinational business customers better manage and reduce operational costs. This initiative is open to other operators.