Wireless technology comes in many shapes and sizes, from tiny integrated circuits (ICs) to large antennas and base stations. Keeping track of this technology’s many forms can be a full-time job, or at least a reason to attend an event such as the 14th Annual IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON 2013). Next year’s installment is scheduled for April 14-16 in Orlando, FL. It will explore the research and development needs of present and future wireless systems and applications. Presentations will address the design of such components as power amplifiers, antennas, filters, oscillators, and transceivers. Also covered will be some of the latest technologies, including ultrawideband (UWB) circuits, cognitive radios, metamaterials, nanotechnology, microelectromechanical-systems (MEMS) devices, and terahertz (THz) electronics.

For those interested in presenting next April, an initial submission should be 3 pages, with a final paper limit of 3 to 6 pages. Initial submissions are due by Dec. 26, and final papers are due by Feb. 13. For more information on the technical conference or presentation requirements, contact Dr. Larry Dunleavy (ldunleavy@modelithics.com) or Tom Weller (weller@usf.edu). Those interested in exhibiting can contact Ryan Baker (ryan_baker@cree.com) or Jim Assurian (jassurian@REACTEL.com).