A line of 40-Gb/s multicoax cable assemblies is available for making coaxial-to-printed- circuit-board (PCB) transitions while using less board space. The system's reliable mating and ease of use make it especially suited for benchtop test systems and within automated test equipment (ATE). A broad range of configurations is available with flexible cable assemblies and compact PCB connectors. Features include an operating range to 40 Gb/s and a pitch of 4 mm (0.16 in.). A pin size of 0.7 mm (0.028 in.) allows easy matching to the smallest PCB trace widths. Thanks to the connectors' slide-on interface design, mating forces are reduced to a typical value of 18 N for a 2-x-8 ganged system. The PCB connectors' compact design allows positioning directly adjacent to the device under test (DUT)/chip, keeping transmission lines short and losses low. These assemblies are advantageous in systems using costly board material to gain signal integrity at speeds beyond 10 Gb/s. Especially suited for high-speed digital test applications, the MXP assemblies are backed by a comprehensive CAE product library with modeling data (Agilent ADS), footprints, and 3D files to support engineers in designing PCBs.

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