Model 9428AG from ARRA is a broadband phase shifter with integral micrometer drive. It features a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz and phase adjustment range of 60 deg./GHz (for example, 360-deg. phase adjustment at 6 GHz). The maximum insertion loss is only 0.5 dB to 8 GHz and 1.0 dB to 18 GHz, while the maximum VSWR is 1.50:1 to 12 GHz and 1.60:1 to 18 GHz. The phase shifter exhibits approximate insertion delay of 0.88 ns minimum and 1.10 ns maximum. It handles 100 W average power and 5 kW peak power and is supplied with SMA female connectors. The phase shifter measures 5.5 {MULT} 3.625 {MULT} 1.0 in. not including the micrometer tuning control. For more information, visit the website at: