The VLF-Series lowpass filters from Mini-Circuits provide wideband stopbands and sharp transition bands over a full frequency range of DC to 7200 MHz. With power-handling capability to 7 W, the rugged filters are supplied in stainless-steel enclosures with SMA connectors. A typical unit, model VLF-800, offers a passband from DC to 800 MHz with less than 1 dB across that full range. The 3-dB loss point occurs at 1075 MHz and the stopband (20-dB or more loss) runs from 1275 to 5100 MHz. The seven-section filter, which is ideal for transmitter/receiver filtering, in repeaters, and in test equipment, sells for $21.95 each in quantities of 1 to 9 units. For more information on other lowpass filters in the VLF-Series, visit the Mini-Circuits website at: