The LX series of fixed-frequency phaselocked oscillators and serially programmable frequency synthesizers can serve as the local oscillator in Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) band up/downconverters or as a system high-frequency reference. The oscillators are offered in a frequency range of 50 MHz to 6 GHz with bandwidths ranging from fixed frequencies to more than 50 percent of full scale. Although the series offers standard stabilities of 5 ppm, 2.5-ppm versions are available. The devices deliver rated output power of +7 dBm with typical harmonics below 20 dBc and spurs below 60 dBc. The series typically offers phase noise below 105 dBc/ Hz offset 100 kHz from a 2.45-GHz carrier. Versions are available for supply voltages of +3.3, +5.0, and +8.0 VDC. The devices generally require 70 mA current. They come in a surface-mount package measuring 0.75 in. by 0.75 in. by 0.15 in. tall. The devices operate over a temperature range of 30 to +70C.

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