Ansoft Corporation announced a new model library of surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) from Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. The new library contains over 400 capacitor models with values ranging from 0.5 pF to 47 microFarads for use at operating voltages to 50 V and in chip sizes ranging from 0201 to 1206. Ideal for decoupling and other high-frequency applications, the capacitor models work within the Ansoft Nexxim and the Ansoft Design electronic-design-automation (EDA) simulation tools. According to Kangheon Hur, Vice-President of Samsung, "We are pleased to team with Ansoft to address customer needs for accurate simulation and manufacturing data so that these high-performance components can be readily incorporated into the next generation of products." For more information on the models and modeling tools, visit the Ansoft site at