This magazine may be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but the microwave industry obviously dates back further. To celebrate the industry's storied past, a Historical Exhibit will be showing some of the early inventions and developments from the MTT-S's permanent historical collection. Also on display will be early documentation from industry, government, and academic sources. Spotlighted will be early microwave and high-frequency tubesthe active power source before solid state emerged. More than 300 types of tubes are expected to be shown along with artifacts relating to microwave developments in the Baltimore- Washington area.

A Tuesday session also is devoted to the industry's history in this area. Titled "Historical Perspectives on Microwave Development in the Baltimore-Washington Area," it will present the stories and accomplishments of notable individuals. It also will cover the evolution of a number of government agencies, private companies, and universities.

For attendees with extra time, the National Electronics Museum (NEM) is about 20 minutes from downtown Baltimore. It permanently houses the MTT-S historical collection between symposia. For example, major parts of the SCR-270 (Pearl Harbor) radar and a complete SCR-584 radar are kept there. Just mention IMS and admission is free.