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Study Predicts $4 Billion for New Service Delivery Platforms                               6. Times Microwave Bundles Cables For Smart Antennas                              7. Modelithics Announces Vendor Partner Program                               8. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT****************************                                         Taking Performance To a New Peak - 4500B                               Boonton's new 4500B Peak Power Analyzer has been totally redesigned                               from the inside out. This meter is changing the way the industry views                               and analyzes RF data. Some of the key features include: 8.4-inch TFT                               color LCD display, 100-ps timebase resolution, automatic peak-to-peak,                               delay-by-time, and delay-by-events triggering, and much more.                               Visit our site for more information:                               http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AAC:49027F                                                                            ******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              New Test Gear An Economic Indicator?                              Test equipment represents an investment. Unless it's a voltmeter, most                               measurement gear can be expensive, but it is essential. It is                               important to remember that developing a new instrument also requires                               massive resources on the part of the test equipment supplier, and new                               instruments usually signify optimism on the part of the suppliers in                               the markets they serve.                               The microwave industry has seen a recent surge in new instruments from                               a variety of suppliers, including Keithley Instruments                               (www.keithley.com), National Instruments (www.ni.com), Agilent                               Technologies (www.agilent.com), and Anritsu (www.us.anritsu.com).                                Anritsu, for example, recently unveiled an Economy Spectrum Analyzer                               (model MS2717A) with outstanding performance and features through 7.1                               GHz. Rohde & Schwarz (www.rohdeschwarz.com) announced the FSUP, a                               spectrum analyzer and phase-noise tester usable through 50 GHz. And                               Boonton (www.boontonelectronics.com) unveiled a line of 4-GHz spectrum                               analyzers (see below).                              These companies invest when their customers report a need. The cycle,                               of researching markets and developing test gear to serve those                               markets, speeds when business improves. And the sudden rush of new                               equipment seems to indicate that things are on the upswing.                               JACK BROWNE                              Technical Director                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Boonton Extends Product Line To Spectrum Analyzers                              Boonton Electronics, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, has added                               spectrum analyzers to its venerable instrument lines. The new 9100                               Series features frequency coverage from 10 kHz to 4 GHz with a                               displayed average noise level (DANL) of -135 dBm and                               resolution-bandwidth filters from 100 Hz to 1 MHz. The analyzers offer                               extensive automatic power-measurement capabilities, including channel                               power, occupied bandwidth (OBW), and adjacent-channel power ratio                               (ACPR) measurements.                               Boonton Electronics ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AAB:49027F                              *********                              3. News                              *********                              LabVIEW Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Version 8.20                              National Instruments has announced the 20th Anniversary issue of its                               famed LabVIEW software. The graphical design and test tool, which is                               favored by a wide range of measurements engineers, is used for a                               variety of applications, from audio to microwave. Version 8.20 of the                               software features open connectivity with MATLAB software from The                               MathWorks, a new modulation toolkit, the FPGA Wizard for creating                               custom data acquisition devices, and improved algorithm execution                               speeds.                               National Instruments ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AAD:49027F                              The MathWorks ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA8:49027F                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              Intersil Introduces RF Gain Blocks                              Intersil Corporation has introduces six new RF amplifiers in its                               ISL550xx family for Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) and                               satellite-communications applications. Model ISL55005, for example, is                               a 3.3-V gain block that operates from 0.9 to 2.5 GHz with 17-dB gain                               and +18 dBm output power at 1-dB compression. Available for both 50-                               and 75-ohm applications, the amplifiers are supplied in                               surface-mountable SC70 housings. Noise figures range from 3.6 to 3.9                               dB, while gain levels range from 14 to 17 dB. According to Sameer                               Vuyyuru, director of Intersil's Standard Analog products group, "Most                               RF gain blocks on the market do not specify an ESD rating. Intersil's                               ISL550xx family is tested and guaranteed to 3 kV." The rating makes                               the amplifiers ideal for satellite receivers and low-noise block                               downconverters (LNBs).                               Intersil Corporation ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AAA:49027F                              **********                              5. News                              **********                              Study Predicts $4 Billion for New Service Delivery Platforms                              A new study from ABI Research, "Next Generation Service Delivery                               Platforms," forecasts that fixed and mobile network operators will                               invest a total of $4 billion in service delivery platform (SDP)                               capital infrastructure over the next five years. The equipment will                               result in many new Internet-based services, including voice over                               Internet Protocol (VoIP) with instant messaging functionality. The                               study is part of three services researched by the group: mobile                               operators, IP networking, and wireless infrastructure.                               ABI Research ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA6:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT****************************                                    Agilent WiMedia UWB PHY Webcast - Aug 24, 1 p.m. EDT                               This FREE webcast by Agilent Technologies will review WiMedia's                               MB-OFDM PHY layer structure and discuss various MB-OFDM testing                               topics, including transmitter analysis, receiver stimulation and                               evaluation, and using simulations during circuit design to improve                               device immunity to interference. Click on the link for more                               information.                                                             http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AAE:49027F                              		 		                               ******************************************************************                              *********                              6. News                              *********                              Times Microwave Bundles Cables For Smart Antennas                              Times Microwave Systems now offers LMR(R) Bundled Cable with as many                               as nine component cables under a common jacket. This arrangement is                               ideal for smart antennas and other applications requiring large                               numbers of antenna feeder cables. The low-loss, 50-ohm flexible cables                               are available in standard bundles with 4, 7, and 9 runs of cables.                              Times Microwave Systems ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA3:49027F                                                             *********                              7. News                              *********                              Modelithics Announces Vendor Partner Program                              Device model specialist Modelithics has initiated a vendor partner                               program for component and device suppliers. Companies choosing to                               become a Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) can select their level of                               involvement (and reward) from the program, including Cooperative,                               Supporting, and Strategic. The program includes increased Internet                               visibility and coordinated marketing initiatives with Modelithics, as                               well as the benefits of working with highly accurate software models                               of their components and devices.                               Modelithics ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA7:49027F                              *******************************                              8.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              Signal Integrity From The Ground Up                              August 14-16, 2006                              San Jose, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA2:49027F                              International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)                              December 11-13, 2006                              Hilton San Francisco and Towers                              San Francisco, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=34AA0:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT****************************                                    		               For The Best In Test                              Visit Microwaves & RF's RF Test Weblog, sponsored by Keithley                               Instruments (www.keithley.com), for the latest news on test                               instruments, test literature, and measurement techniques. 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