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FWT Venture Group Earns Antenna Patent                               7. Terabeam Completes Proxim Acquisition                              8. RelComm Expands On-Line Relay Store                               9. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                Attend the Digital Vector Signal Analysis e-Seminar                               Learn how Agilent has combined its logic analyzers with vector                               signal analysis to provide in-depth signal analysis on digital baseband,                               IF and RF signals. Instead of using home-grown software tools for                               digital baseband analysis, users can quickly get spectrum and                               modulation analysis right on their logic analyzer.                               Click to learn more.                               http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10166:FFCBF                              *******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              More Consolidation in CAE                              Consumer software companies constantly consolidate. Microsoft's                               track record speaks for itself, allowing the firm to assume a                               near-monopolistic position in the computer world. In the engineering                               world, however, software company takeovers can often become                               traumatic for users who must adapt to changes in technical support                               and sometimes even changes in operating systems.                              This week's major computer-aided-engineering (CAE) news is Agilent's                               "absorption" of Eagleware, which itself had recently merged with                               Elanix. The move is certainly a testimony to the fine work and                               persistence of vision of Eagleware founder Randy Rhea as well as the                               management skills of current Eagleware president Todd Cutler.                               Eagleware has built a strong reputation on the accuracy and                               accessibility of its tools--one of the "little" CAE companies that                               truly understood its customers needs and responded quickly to them.                              These low-cost but effective tools now become part of the much                               larger Agilent-EEsof, perhaps best known for their Advanced Design                               System (ADS) suite of software tools. As most engineers will tell                               you, if ADS can't model it, it can't be modeled. They will also tell                               you that ADS can take years to learn (let alone master). It should                               be interesting to see how Eagleware's user-friendly products will                               evolve as part of the Agilent-EEsof portfolio.                              JACK BROWNE                              Technical Director                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Agilent To Acquire Eagleware                              Agilent Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) has signed a definitive                               agreement with privately held Eagleware Corp. (Norcross, GA) to                               acquire the software business Eagleware-Elanix. The move would                               combine mostly complementary lines of high-frequency software                               modeling tools under the Agilent EEsof name. Agilent EEsof plans to                               offer jobs to the majority of Eagleware-Elanix employees. For one of                               those Eagleware-Elanix employees, CEO Todd Cutler, the move                               represents a homecoming of sorts since he was with                               Hewlett-Packard/Agilent EEsof prior to taking the helm of Eagleware                               from founder Randy Rhea.                              For Agilent, this move adds a line of relatively easy-to-use and                               versatile engineering tools to its family of high-level circuit and                               system design tools, such as the Advanced Design System (ADS) suite                               of software programs. For Eagleware-Elanix, the transaction marks                               the culmination of steady growth since its inception in 1989,                               including the recent acquisition of Elanix (Westlake Village, CA),                               best known for its system-level and digital-signal-processing (DSP)                               tools.                               Agilent Technologies ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=1015F:FFCBF                              Eagleware-Elanix ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=1015C:FFCBF                              *********                              3. News                              *********                              CSR To Acquire UbiNetics' Software Business                              Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has entered into an agreement with                               UbiNetics Holdings Limited (Cambridge, England) to acquire UbiNetics'                               software business. The acquisition, for $48 million US, will be                               financed entirely from CSR's existing cash resources. UbiNetics specializes                               in communication protocol software for mobile telephone manufacturers.                               The move provides CSR with a strong design team to accelerate its                               existing software developments in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ultrawideband                               (UWB) technologies. UbiNetics, which has developed protocol stacks                               for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA/UMTS, and HSDPA since 1999, has 170                               engineers in Bangalore, India and Shenzhen, China, in addition to                               its Cambridge UK headquarters. John Hodgson, CEO of CSR, noted that                               "In acquiring UbiNetics, we are exploiting our distinctive                               capabilities by extending CSR's capacity for sustainable innovation                               and by improving our ability to be flexible to market needs."                              Cambridge Silicon Radio ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10165:FFCBF                              UbiNetics ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10161:FFCBF                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              Amateur Radio Deployed On Space Station                              Yesterday's walk in space in the vicinity of the International Space                               Station (ISS) accomplished more than just repairing insulation.                               Astronaut Soichi Noguchi unfolded a Passive Experiment Container                               (PEC) to activate a PCSat2 amateur radio package mounted on the                               exterior of the ISS. Noguchi, on the space walk with Astronaut Steve                               Robinson pulled a couple of mylar strips to deploy the radio's                               antennas. The PCSat2 radio, which was built by US Naval Academy                               students, will operate in cooperation with the amateur radio on the                               ISS, providing a 10-m PSK31 multiple-use transponder, FM voice                               repeater, and AX.25 packet system. The station should be fully                               operational in a few days, with early telemetry available on the                               alternate downlink frequency of 437.975 MHz during the first few                               days of activation.                              American Radio Relay League ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10163:FFCBF                              US Naval Academy ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10164:FFCBF                              **********                              5. News                              **********                              Cascade Enters Microfluidics Metrology Field                              Best known for its microwave wafer probes and on-wafer measurement                               systems, Cascade Microtech (Beaverton, OR) is entering a new field:                               microfluidics metrology. Hoping to accelerate life science research                               in microfluidics, the firm has announced its L-Series Microfluidics                               Metrology Systems for testing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)                               devices that control microliter amounts of fluid. By reducing the                               time and cost per test, microfluidic-based devices are becoming more                               practical for pharmaceutical drug discovery and bioscience                               research. The L-Series Microfluidics Metrology Systems incorporate                               patent-pending microports that enable faster and more efficient                               microfluidics measurements. The L-Series is available in four system                               bundles (L100, L200, L300, L400) that offer a full range of pricing and                               functionality to meet the specific needs of the researcher.                               Cascade Microtech ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10156:FFCBF                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                Believe in what you do for a living.                              For over 100 years, Harris Corporation has provided advanced                               product, system and service solutions to government and commercial customers.                                                              At Harris your skills, ideas and experience help shape some of the                               most remarkable communications technologies. Discover a rewarding                               career.  Discover Harris.  Our RF Communications Division is now                               hiring.  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The                               miniature antennas are also conformal in nature, making them ideal                               for installation in military airframes. The FWT Venture Group is a                               joint venture between FWT developer Marc Popek and the University of                               Nevada at Las Vegas. The group was formed in October 2002 to                               commercialize new technology.                              FWT Venture Group ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=1015E:FFCBF                              *********                              7. News                              *********                              Terabeam Completes Proxim Acquisition                              Terabeam Wireless has completed its acquisition of nearly all of the                               assets of Proxim Corporation. The combined company provides a wide                               range of broadband communications technologies and products,                               including turnkey Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor systems, WiMAX systems,                               and wireless Gigabit Ethernet systems. Most of Proxim's employees                               have joined Terabeam, with Kevin Duffy, formerly Proxim's President                               and CEO, becoming Terabeam's President and COO. In addition, David                               Olson, former Proxim senior Vice-President of Global Sales and                               Operations, will retain that title at Terabeam. According to Duffy,                               "this union creates a new force with a powerhouse of talent and                               technology."                               Terabeam Wireless ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=1015D:FFCBF                              ***************                              8. News                              ***************                              RelComm Expands On-Line Relay Store                              RelComm Technologies has announced the expansion of its on-line                               store for RF relays, The RF Relay Store. Visits to the on-line store                               can purchase from one to ten components per line item using a credit                               card. Relays include single-pole, single-throw (SPST) through                               single-pole, ten-throw (SP10T) units. A variety of configurations                               are available, with connectors for printed-circuit-board (PCB)                               mounting. Relays operate from DC to 18 GHz with a starting price of                               $45.00.                              The RF Relay Store ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10159:FFCBF                              *******************************                              9.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              RF and Wireless Communications Summit                              August 17, 2005                              Austin, TX                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10154:FFCBF                              Bipolar Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM)                              October 10-11, 2005                              Santa Barbara, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=1015A:FFCBF                              IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium                               (formerly the GaAs IC Symposium)                              October 30 - November 2, 2005                              Palm Springs, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10160:FFCBF                              Wireless Congress 2005: Systems and Applications                              November 9-10, 2005                              Munich, Germany                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10155:FFCBF                              Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG)                              66th Microwave Measurements Conference                              December 1-2, 2005                              Marriot Hotel, Washington, DC                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10162:FFCBF                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                               For the Latest in Test and Measurement                              Read "Browne's Blog" only at http://www.mwrf.com/                              *******************************************************************                              Read past issues of Microwaves and RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-Newsletter:                               http://www.mwrf.com/                              MICROWAVES AND RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-NEWSLETTER CONTACTS                              ====================================================                              Technical Director: Jack Browne                              mailto:jbrowne@penton.com                              Associate Editor: Laurie Collins                              mailto:lcollins@penton.com                              Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:                              Paul Barkman at 1-908-704-2460 or                              mailto:pbarkman@penton.com                              ====================================================                              To subscribe click here:  http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=10157:FFCBF                              To unsubscribe click here:  http://nls.planetee.com/u?id=92976FF2A879FA46D45A9B735EF022C0                              Penton's e-Newsletter homepage:  http://www.planetee.com/                              ====================================                              Copyright 2005 Penton Media Inc. 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