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TestMart Inks GSA Agreement with XL Microwave                               7. Hittite Promotes Stephen Daly                               8. Book Review                              9. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                                   Want to check out the latest                                                    developments in RF test?                                              Read Microwaves & RF's RF Test Blog                                             only at http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EC:49027F                              *******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              Expanding Coverage For Military Tastes                              Readers of this newsletter and its parent magazine, Microwaves & RF,                               tend to have diversified interests in engineering, spread among                               broad areas that include modeling, devices, test, quality control,                               research, components, and systems, to name a few. And while the                               newsletter and the magazine attempt to serve all, topics cover wide                               market areas, from commercial, to industrial, to military.                               Beginning this week, however, readers with a military bent have a                               magazine to call their own: Penton's Military Electronics, an                               all-digital publication (with no print version). An e-mail link will                               be sent each month to its readers, and they will be able to read the                               magazine a computer screen at a time, since each screen is a                               self-contained story or set of stories. Interested? Visit the web                               site at www.mwrf.com for more, or drop me a line at                               mailto:jbrowne@penton.com asking for a copy and we'll get one in the                               (e) mail to you. And happy and healthy holidays to you and yours.                               JACK BROWNE                              Technical Director                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Xpedion Teams With Gennady Gildenblat                              Simulation specialist Xpedion Design Systems (Milpitas, CA) has                               formed a partnership with Dr. Gennady Gildenblat, co-developer of                               the public-domain Penn State-Philips (PSP) device model. Dr.                               Gildenblat, professor of Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania                               State University, co-developed the PSP model with Philips. He will                               work with Xpedion to provide PSP parameter extraction for Xpedion                               modeling services. Dr. Gildenblat remarks "The PSP model                               significantly advances the state of the art in compact MOSFET                               modeling and is made possible by recently found practical solutions                               of several long-standing mathematical problems of compact modeling."                               He adds "Parameter extraction and training provided by Xpedion makes                               the model available for immediate engineering applications."                              Xpedion Design Systems ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EA:49027F                              *********                              3. News                              *********                              Worldwide Telecom Industry To Reach $1.2 Trillion in 2006                              A new analysis report from Insight Research (New York, NY) predicts                               that global telecommunications industry revenue will reach $1.2 trillion                               by the close of 2006. According to the study, wireless revenue will                               approach almost 49 percent of all telecommunications services                               revenue by the close of 2006 and will grow to 55.6 percent of all                               telecommunications industry revenue by 2010. The 304-page report,                               "The 2006 Telecom Industry Review: An Anthology of Market Facts and                               Forecasts," predicts that worldwide telecommunications industry                               services revenue will grow from $1.2 trillion in 2006 to almost $1.6                               trillion in 2010.                               Insight Research ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9DF:49027F                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              Avago Technologies Ships 500 Millionth IR Transceiver                              Avago Technologies, formerly the semiconductor division of Agilent                               Technologies, has shipped over 500 million infrared (IR) tranceivers                               since releasing its first IrDA-compliant device in 1994. One of the                               founding members of the Infrared Data Association (IrDA), the firm                               supports IR products with data rates from 115 kb/s to 4 Mb/s.                               According to Chee-Kien Lim, worldwide business manager for infrared                               products in Avago Technologies' Optical Communication Solutions                               Div., "We're very pleased to announce this milestone, as it                               underscores our leadership position as the world's number one                               supplier of infrared transceivers."                              Avago Technologies ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E4:49027F                                                             **********                              5. News                              **********                              ANADIGICS Opens Online Store                              Device and IC supplier ANADIGICS has opened an online store for                               ordering samples of their products. Interested parties can now order                               such components as GSM and WCDMA switches and power amplifiers from                               the firm's web site, by clicking on the "Buy Samples Online" button.                               According to Jennifer Palella, Senior Director of Worldwide                               Marketing and Distribution Sales at ANADIGICS, notes that the online                               store offers "a quick and convenient channel for design engineers,                               technicians, and purchasing agents to order samples of our high                               performance products, thereby helping manufacturers decrease                               time-to-market."                              ANADIGICS ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E5:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                		 		                                                  The search for happiness...                                                                                 Are you a company looking for a good engineer?                                           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TestMart is authorized to offer a special series of Pendulum                               Instruments counters, spectrum monitor/analyzers, microwave antenna                               path alignment test sets, field analyzer transmitters, data loggers,                               synchronization testers, current supplies, wavemeters and oscillator                               controllers. According to Tom Duckworth, Government Marketing of                               Pendulum Instruments, "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to                               expand and further assist current federal customers."                              TestMart ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E7:49027F                              Pendulum Instruments ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E1:49027F                                                             *********                              7. News                              *********                              Hittite Promotes Stephen Daly                              Hittite Microwave Corp. announced the promotion of Stephen G. Daly,                               President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of the company,                               to the additional office of Chairman of the Board. He succeeds the                               company's founder, Yalcin Ayasli, who will remain on the Board and                               serve as Chairman Emeritus.  Mr. Daly, who joined the company in                               1996, has served as President since January 2004 and Chief Executive                               Officer since December 2004. Dr. Ayasli, who founded the company                               after leaving Raytheon, noted of Daly: "His performance as President                               and Chief Executive Officer has been outstanding.  We have great                               confidence in his ability to successfully lead the company and                               continue its growth into the future."                              Hittite Microwave Corp. ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E9:49027F                                                             ******************                              8. Book Review                              ******************                              Next Generation Mobile Systems: 3G and Beyond                              Edited by Minoru Etoh of DoCoMo Communications Labs (San Jose, CA),                               this 382-page text provides an accessible look forward to the next                               generation of mobile communications. It traces the evolution of                               mobile networks and services, the all-IP network in cdma2000 and                               UMTS systems, differences in radio access technologies, the growth                               of WLANs, middleware and its applications, wireless web services,                               and security policy and algorithms for wireless applications.                               Written at a marketing/sales level, the book provides mostly                               nonmathematical explanations and includes an extensive bibliography                               for further research. The hardcover book sells for $120.00.                              John Wiley & Sons ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EB:49027F                              *******************************                              9.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium                              January 17-19, 2006                              San Diego Convention Center                              San Diego, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E2:49027F                              IEC DesignCon 2006                              February 6-9, 2006                              Santa Clara Convention Center                              Santa Clara, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EE:49027F                              RF & Hyper                              March 21-23, 2006                              CNIT                              La Defense, Paris, France                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E3:49027F                              Del Mar Electronics Show                               April 26-27, 2006                              Del Mar Fairgrounds                              Del Mar, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EF:49027F                              CALL FOR PAPERS                              IMAPS International Conference on                               High-Temperature Electronics (HiTEC 2006)                              May 15-18, 2006                              Hilton of Santa Fe                              Santa Fe, NM                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E0:49027F                              International Microwave Theory & Techniques                               Symposium (MTT-S)                              June 11-16, 2006                              Moscone Convention Center                              San Francisco, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9E8:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                           For the most complete directory of microwave                                             companies and products, visit:                                        http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9ED:49027F                              *******************************************************************                              Read past issues of Microwaves and RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-Newsletter:                               http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9EC:49027F                              MICROWAVES AND RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-NEWSLETTER CONTACTS                              ====================================================                              Technical Director: Jack Browne                              mailto:jbrowne@penton.com                              Managing Editor: John Curley                              mailto:jcurley@penton.com                              Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:                              Paul Barkman at 1-908-704-2460 or                              mailto:pbarkman@penton.com                              =====================================================                              SUBSCRIBER INFO                              =====================================================                              To subscribe click here:                               http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9DE:49027F                              To unsubscribe click here:                              http://news.mwrf.com/u?id=A16E8FA232AD0B5B3D9A03E49CCCAEF4                              ====================================                              If you need assistance in updating the information you have provided                              to Penton or if you have questions or comments about our privacy                              policies, please click on the link below.                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=1C9DD:49027F                              ====================================                              Copyright 2005 Penton Media Inc. 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