Dr. Avi Katz as started at the top, joining microwave/lightwave supplier iTerra Communications                               as their President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will also serve as a member of the Board                               of Directors. Before joining iTerra, Katz was Chief Executive Officer and President of Intransa, a                               leading iSCSI-IPSAN storage networking firm, Chief Executive Officer of Equator Technologies,                               a leading fabless company that developed and manufactured digital media Systems On Chip (SoC),                               Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Symphony Services, an offshore                               engineering service provider, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Strategic                               Development for Watkins-Johnson Co., a manufacturer of power devices, communication systems,                               and semiconductor manufacturing systems, and Senior Vice President for Global Operations, Sales                               and Marketing for ASTeX, a manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication manufacturing                               equipment.                              According to Lyle Jordan, Chairman of iTerra's Board of Directors, "We consider ourselves                               extremely fortunate that Dr. Katz has joined iTerra - and the timing could not be better. Our                               company is poised to make dramatic inroads into both the microwave and lightwave global                               markets with unique families of products, and Dr. Katz is uniquely suited to lead the way." Katz                               began his technical career at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ, where he led laser and                               photonics development activities and focused on thin-film processes and packaging technologies                               for photonic devices.                                                             iTerra Communications (www.iterrac.com)