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Radstone Processors Power Polish F-16s                               6.  Full-Wave Simulation Supports Spiral Inductors                               7.  NEC Sells 200,000th Microwave Link                              8.  Analyzer Users Benefit From Free Software                              9.  Note Explores Verification of Load-Pull Systems                               10. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                  Attend a free Agilent HSDPA eSeminar                               Design and test engineers now have to consider the dynamic nature of the                               new HSDPA channels. Complex parametric testing is required to verify                               HSDPA functionality and performance in the UE. Learn about the main                               changes that HSDPA introduces and the test implications during UE design                               and RF test. Enroll now.                               http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE4:FFCBF                              *******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              Making the Most of Your Website                              Few editorial pieces have stirred readers' interest more than the recent                               article reviewing ( "Tracking the Top 25 Microwave Websites," Microwaves                               & RF, December 2004, p. 33 and online at http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE1:FFCBF ). As has                               become apparent from the many calls, letters, and e-mail responses,                               high-frequency engineers are passionate about their own web sites and                               willing to discuss their graphical and information approaches at great                               length in the hopes of finding ways to improve their sites. The article                               included a sidebar story, "Top Engineering Website Turnoffs," that also                               listed more than 10 steps not to follow when implementing a successful                               engineering website.                              Unfortunately, that December issue story only covered 25 companies,                               although many more were deserving of mention. Because of the sharp                               cutoff, this newsletter will explore additional sites through a new                               feature section called simply WebWatch. Each issue will highlight                               another website of interest, complete with comments on why the site is                               noteworthy or outstanding. And, of course, if there is a website you                               would like us to view, please let us know.                              JACK BROWNE                              Publisher/Editor                              Please share your thoughts by contacting me at: mailto:jbrowne@penton.com                              For the story on the Top 25 Microwave Web Sites,                               visit Microwaves & RF ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE1:FFCBF                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Agilent Sets Jitter Measurement Mark                              Introduction of the 83496A multirate optical/electrical clock-recovery                               module for the Agilent 86100C Infiniium digital communications analyzer                               (oscilloscope) sets new standards for measurement jitter. With less than                               300 fs root-mean-square (RMS) jitter, low-level measurements of clock                               and data signals are possible over a continuous bandwidth of 50 Mb/s to                               13.5 Gb/s. Developed in close collaboration with Agilent Labs, the                               module features a continuously adjustable loop bandwidth from 30 kHz to                               6 MHz for jitter testing across a wide range of industry                               telecommunications and data communications standards. Pricing for the                               module starts at $18,000 and for the oscilloscope mainframe starts at                               $17,500.                              Agilent Technologies ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD3:FFCBF                              *********                              3. News                              *********                              Lucent and FCI Demonstrate 25 Gb/s Data Over Backplane                              By combining the AirMax VS connector system from FCI and a new signaling                               architecture from the Bell Labs Division of Lucent Technologies, the                               companies were able to demonstrate a 25-Gb/s data transmission over a                               conventional electrical backplane connection. By operating at more than                               twice the data rate yet achieved over electrical backplanes, the new                               approach holds the promise of achieving true 100-Gb/s Ethernet (4                               channels at 25 Gb/s) performance over electrical backplanes. The                               signaling technology involves duobinary signaling in which three                               electrical signal levels are used to represent binary code in a data                               transmission. According to Jeffrey Sinsky, lead researcher on the                               duobinary effort at Bell Labs, "we are always looking one step beyond.                               In order to demonstrate 25 Gb/s, we needed a connector with carefully                               controlled impedance characteristics, which prevents signals from                               bouncing back and forth, plus low crosstalk." The connector employs an                               air dielectric for low-loss operation past 15 GHz.                               Bell Labs ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD6:FFCBF                              FCI ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD5:FFCBF                              Lucent Technologies ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDD:FFCBF                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              Racal Instruments Is Now Aeroflex                              Aeroflex announced that it has changed the name of Racal Instruments                               Wireless Solutions (RIWS) to Aeroflex. Aeroflex had acquired RIWS, based                               in Burnham, England, from Racal Instruments Group Holding on July 31,                               2003. According to Len Borow, CEO and Vice Chairman of Aeroflex, "Our                               goal is to grow through product sales and acquisitions to become one of                               the top test and microelectronics companies in the world. To help                               achieve this goal, it is important to have a single Aeroflex brand                               recognized worldwide."                              Aeroflex, Inc. ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD9:FFCBF                              **********                              5. News                              **********                              Radstone Processors Power Polish F-16s                               Radstone Embedded Computing announced that its PowerXtreme PPC7D                               single-board computer, PMCGA3 graphics accelerator, and PMCF2                               CompactFlash PMC had been selected by Goodrich Corp.'s Surveillance &                               Reconnaissance Systems team for inclusion in the Poland Peace Sky F-16                               Reconnaissance program. As part of the Foreign Military Sale (FMS),                               Goodrich will provide a reconnaissance pod to the Polish Air and Air                               Defense Forces. The pod's sensors are capable of imaging targets at                               30,000 feet at a standoff distance of 50 nautical miles. The system will                               help support NATO forces in Europe.                               Radstone Embedded Computing ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD8:FFCBF                              Goodrich Corp. ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDA:FFCBF                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                  Maury Microwave Automated Load Pull Measurement For PA Designers                              In January 2005, Maury Microwave Corporation is releasing the latest                               software for our Automated Tuner System, MT993 Version 4.0.  Key                               features of Version 4.0 include an improved GUI, signficiant functional                               enhancements, complete migration and support for ATN systems, and a                               comprehensive DLL kit.  With this release, Maury continues to provide                               leading-edge solutions for device characterization measurements.  For                               additional details, please contact our Sales Department at                               mailto:sales@maurymw.com or phone (909) 987-4715.                              Find out what's new at Maury by visiting our website:                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDB:FFCBF                              *******************************************************************                              *********                              6. News                              *********                              Full-Wave Simulation Supports Spiral Inductors                              Semiconductor foundry United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and software                               supplier Ansoft have teamed on a parameterized spiral-inductor design                               kit based on full-wave three-dimensional simulation. The close linking                               of simulation software with foundry allows designers the flexibility to                               create new inductor geometries simply by editing parameters, such as                               diameter, width, and number of turns, from a dialog box in Ansoft's HFSS                               software. According to Dr. Albert Yen, manager of UMC's Mixed-Mode and                               Radio Frequency Technology Program, "Our collaboration with Ansoft                               allows our customers to design, simulate, and optimize spiral inductors                               on silicon substrates, relieving a major bottleneck of the RF CMOS                               design flow." The spiral inductor design kit is current available at no                               charge to UMC customers.                              Ansoft Corp. ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDC:FFCBF                              UMC ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE2:FFCBF                              *********                              7. News                              *********                              NEC Sells 200,000th Microwave Link                              Since selling its first PASOLINK 18-GHz microwave link system in the                               mid-1980's, NEC Corporation has grown steadily, reaching a total number                               of sales of 200,000 systems in December 2004. Designed mainly for                               telecommunications systems backhaul networks, the systems are now                               shipped at operating frequencies from4 to 52 GHz with as much as 155                               Mb/s traffic capacity on each of two channels. Used as backups for                               optical networks, for WLAN interconnections, and for business and                               private networks, the systems have enjoyed recent demand in China,                               Russia, and India for expanding network applications.                              NEC Corporation ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE3:FFCBF                              *********                              8. News                              *********                              Analyzer Users Benefit From Free Software                              Anritsu Company and The MathWorks are offering a free trial version of                               the powerful MATLAB mathematical processing software for customers of                               Anritsu's MS2781A Signature High Performance Signal Analyzer. The                               Signature analyzer, which allows wideband modulation measurements from                               100 Hz to 8 GHz, features an open Windows XP environment that supports                               the exchange of simulated and measured data for analysis in the MATLAB                               simulator. Signature customers can download the MATLAB trial key for                               free and begin their evaluation.                              The MathWorks ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD1:FFCBF                              Anritsu Company ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD0:FFCBF                              *********                              9. News                              *********                              Note Explores Verification of Load-Pull Systems                              Load-pull systems are based on mechanical or solid-state tuners that                               provide variable source and load impedances to a device under test                               (DUT). Such systems are invaluable when designing an amplifier for                               maximum output power or efficiency, for example. But verification of                               measurement data can be difficult, and requires repeatable calibration                               procedures. Fortunately, a free 11-page application note from Maury                               Microwave Corp., "Basic Verifcation of Power Load-Pull Systems," reviews                               common sources of errors and how to control them. Copies of the note are                               available for free download from the company's website.                              Maury Microwave Corp. ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDB:FFCBF                              *******************************                              10.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference                              April 18-19, 2005                              Milton Hill House Hotel, Milton Hill, Oxfordshire, UK                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDF:FFCBF                              RF & Hyper Europe 2005                              March 22-24, 2005                              CNIT, La Defense, Paris, France                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD4:FFCBF                              2005 International Reliability Physics Symposium                              April 17-21, 2005                              San Jose Marriott Hotel, San Jose, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE0:FFCBF                              IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (formerly the GaAs IC                               Symposium)                              October 30 - November 2, 2005                              Palm Springs, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DDE:FFCBF                              Read past issues of Microwaves and RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-Newsletter:                               http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DE1:FFCBF                              MICROWAVES AND RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-NEWSLETTER CONTACTS                              ====================================================                              Publisher and Executive Editor: Jack Browne                              mailto:jbrowne@penton.com                              Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:                              Jim Theriault at 1-925-736-5051 or                              send email to mailto:jtheriault@penton.com                              ====================================================                              To subscribe please visit:                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DCF:FFCBF                              To unsubscribe from this newsletter click here:                              http://nls.planetee.com/u?id=92976FF2A879FA466A129CE3BAB364CA                              Penton's e-Newsletter homepage:                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=DD7:FFCBF                              ====================================                              Copyright 2005 Penton Media Inc. 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