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C-MAC MicroTechnology Lands Eurofighter Contract                               6. Raytheon JPS Communications Names New President                               7. Keithley Offers Free Handbook on Semiconductor Testing                               8. Book Review                              9. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                Leading Supplier Seeks Field Application Engineer                              C-MAC Frequency Products is looking for a Field Applications                               Engineer to support the Sales and Marketing Team in obtaining design                               wins with OEM and CEM customers. Provide training and support to                               sales reps and distributors. 5 years sales or engineering experience                               in frequency products. Requires excellent communications and                               organization skills, ability to work independently, and ability to                               work well under pressure. Please send resume to                               mailto:cmacbobp@attglobal.net.                              For more information about C-MAC MicroTechnology visit our website                               at http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E62A:FFCBF                               *******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              Not All Millimeter Waves Are Benign                              Millimeter-wave signals are usually associated with radio astronomy,                               vehicular radar systems, missile-tracking systems, or even broadband                               wireless local-area networks (WLANs). But the US Air Force Research                               Laboratory (AFRL) has found a more painful use for millimeter-wave                               energy as part of what is known as Active Denial Systems (ADS).                               Developed as part of the Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal                               Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), the non-lethal weapons technology is in                               response to the need for peace-keeping efforts without the use of                               deadly force.                               The weapons use the same principles as a 2.4-GHz microwave oven,                               except with higher-frequency 95-GHz energy beams directed at a                               target's exposed skin to cause painful heating at a skin depth of                               0.3 mm, the same depth as pain-sensing nerves. These ADS systems                               incorporate gyrotron millimeter-wave sources from Communications and                               Power Industries (CPI, Palo, Alto, CA) to provide a range of about                               700 yards. So far, several vehicle-mounted systems have been                               developed, but work continues to create more portable, manpack                               versions of the systems. This could turn into yet another key                               application for millimeter-wave technology, although the                               effectiveness of the system is yet to be proven out under hostile                               (rain, fog, etc.) conditions.                               JACK BROWNE                              Technical Director                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Vectron Unveils Stable Stratum 3 TCXOs                              Vectron International has announced its next generation of Stratum 3                               temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) for wireless,                               telecommunications, and data-communications applications requiring                               high frequency stability over temperature. The firm's C2260 Series                               TCXOs can provide stability of better than 0.28 PPM from 6.4 to 32                               MHz at temperatures from -30 to +85 degrees Centigrade. Built on                               FR-4 substrates, the 5 in. by 7-mm TCXOs are fully compliant with                               the GR-1244-Core and GR-253-Core standards. Wide-pull versions are                               available with a pull range of plus or minus 40 PPM and more.                               Vectron International ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E625:FFCBF                              *********                              3. News                              *********                              Wideband Systems Launches Synthesizer                              Best known for their electronic-warfare (EW) receivers and                               instantaneous-frequency-measurement (IFM) systems, Wideband Systems                               (Rockaway, NJ) has entered the competitive frequency-synthesizer                               market with their model PS-070 180A frequency synthesizer. Measuring                               a compact 4 in. high by 4 in. wide by 8 in. long, the synthesizer                               tunes from 7 to 18 GHz in 1-MHz steps with +13 dBm output power and                               100-microsecond switching speed. The phase noise is -90 dBc/Hz                               offset 100 kHz from the carrier and -110 dBc/Hz offset 1 MHz from                               the carrier. The firm is seeking to expand its support staff for the                               synthesizer line with the addition of an International Sales                               Manager. Interested candidates can contact Bob Fuller at the e-mail                               address below.                              International Sales Manager ---> e-mail: mailto:rhfadv@baybroadband.net                              Wideband Systems ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E61E:FFCBF                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              TestMart Teams With Willtek For Government Pricing                              Test equipment supplier TestMart (San Bruno, CA) announced an                               agreement with wireless test-gear maker Willtek Communications                               (Indianapolis, IN) to provide United States government and federal                               contractor customers with special pricing on select Willtek spectrum                               analyzers, supporting components, and services. TestMart is now                               authorized to handle a line of WIlltek hand-held analyzers and                               related equipment to those who qualify under a set of General                               Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedules (MAS).                               According to TestMart President and CEO Peter Ostrow, "The addition                               of Willtek wireless communication products to the most comprehensive                               catalog of GSA qualified test equipment provides desirable new                               options for the US government and military." The Willtek equipment                               is available through the GSA's e-commerce web site or TestMart's web                               site.                              GSA ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E621:FFCBF                              TestMart ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E626:FFCBF                                                             **********                              5. News                              **********                              C-MAC MicroTechnology Lands Eurofighter Contract                              C-MAC MicroTechnology (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England) has won a                               major contract from Galileo Avionica for high-speed microelectronics                               and electro-optical modules for the Eurofighter Typhoon military                               aircraft as well as the NATO NH90 and AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin                               helicopters. Valued at around 8 million pounds Sterling over the                               next five years, the requirements for critical control functions and                               secure communications were particularly stringent although, as                               Marino Diani, Procurement Director with Galileo Avionica, noted                               "C-MAC is a world-class partner for the manufacture of fiber optics                               and hybrid microcircuits. Having worked with them since 1988, we                               could trust them to deliver." In other contract news, Harris Corp.                               (Rochester, NY) was awarded a contract for nearly $60 million by the                               US Army for Harris Falcon II AN/PRC-150(C) manpack and AN/VRC-104                               vehicular HF radios.                               C-MAC MicroTechnology ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E62A:FFCBF                              Harris Corp. ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E627:FFCBF                              *********                              6. News                              *********                              Raytheon JPS Communications Names New President                               Raytheon JPS Communications (Raleigh, NC) has named Carl Kist as its                               new president, effective August 1st. Formerly Chief Financial                               Officer for Precision Technologies & Components and Raytheon Vision                               Systems (Goleta, CA), Kist has been with Raytheon/Texas Instruments                               for more than 20 years and will head a wholly owned subsidiary of                               Raytheon that manufactures and sells hardware and software that                               enhance the effectiveness of HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, and satellite                               communications systems for government, military, and business                               customers.                              Raytheon JPS Communications ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E62B:FFCBF                              *********                              7. News                              *********                              Keithley Offers Free Handbook on Semiconductor Testing                              Keithley Instruments has published a semiconductor test reference                               handbook, "Overcoming the Measurement Challenges of Advanced                               Semiconductor Technologies: DC, Pulsed, and RF-From Modeling to                               Manufacturing." Available free of charge at                               http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E620:FFCBF the 140-page handbook                              describes emerging measurement challenges for semiconductor                              manufacturers moving into 65-nm device processes and beyond.                              The measurement handbook covers such topics as high-frequency                              capacitance measurements, on-wafer measurements, copper via                              testing, and advanced DC measurements.                               Keithley Instruments ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E624:FFCBF                              ***************                              8. Book Review                              ***************                              Digital Filter Design Solutions                              Written by Jolyon De Freitas of the innovative defense/security                               laboratory QinetiQ Ltd. (Farnborough, Hampshire, England), Digital                               Filter Design Solution provides several methods of implementing                               digital filters and examples of more than 200 different types of                               digital filters, including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band-reject,                               cascaded, differentiator, and decimation. The book is packed with a                               CD-ROM archive of filter coefficients and design functions written                               for the Matlab mathematical software from The MathWorks.                              Artech House ---> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E622:FFCBF                              *******************************                              9.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              Bipolar Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM)                              October 10-11, 2005                              Santa Barbara, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E623:FFCBF                              IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (formerly the GaAs IC                               Symposium)                              October 30 - November 2, 2005                              Palm Springs, CA                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E628:FFCBF                              Wireless Congress 2005: Systems and Applications                              November 9-10, 2005                              Munich, Germany                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E61D:FFCBF                              Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG)                              66th Microwave Measurements Conference                              December 1-2, 2005                              Marriot Hotel, Washington, DC                              http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E629:FFCBF                              Read past issues of Microwaves and RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-Newsletter:                               http://www.mwrf.com/                              MICROWAVES AND RF (MWRF) UPDATE e-NEWSLETTER CONTACTS                              ====================================================                              Technical Director: Jack Browne                              mailto:jbrowne@penton.com                              Associate Editor: Laurie Collins                              mailto:lcollins@penton.com                              Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:                              Paul Barkman at 1-908-704-2460 or                              mailto:pbarkman@penton.com                              ====================================================                              To subscribe click here:  http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E61F:FFCBF                              To unsubscribe click here:  http://nls.planetee.com/u?id=92976FF2A879FA4650DE936F9DDFCF36                              Penton's e-Newsletter homepage:  http://www.planetee.com/                              ====================================                              Copyright 2005 Penton Media Inc. 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