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RapidIO Radio To Begin Broadcasting                               7. Single-Chip Radio Targets WiMAX                               8. Happenings - Conferences                               ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                        FREE Agilent RF and Microwave Network Analysis CD                               This CD-ROM contains a portable library of RF and microwave                               technical papers, product video demos, and links to complimentary                               eSeminars to help solve your component test needs. Learn about                               amplifier, CATV, multiport, mixers, pulsed RF, balanced                               measurements, and more. Order yours today!                               http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234E3:49027F                               *******************************************************************                              ***************                              1.  Viewpoint                               ***************                              Growth of GPS                              Is Inevitable                              Wireless technology takes on many forms and application. The most                               obvious to the "man (or woman) in the street" is cellular                               communications, with cell phones on virtually every ear. Service                               providers promise us that the cell phone will become even more                               important in the years to come, even advertising that "it's your                               life in there" with reference to the memory of the cell phone                               replacing our own humble and (as the marketing people would have us                               believe) limited memories. But wireless technology is not just                               cellular communications.                              Within many new cell phones is an arm of wireless that may one day                               considered as important as the cellular network: the Global                               Positioning System (GPS) receiver. The troops in Iraq and                               Afghanistan no doubt do not take the importance of GPS position and                               location data for granted. And civilians in search of a new location                               are learning the value of those GPS satellites when driving newer                               vehicles equipped with the receivers. The announcement below by                               longtime GPS supplier Trimble should help speed the proliferation of                               GPS technology. But, inevitably, it will be the recognition of its                               immense value by the consumer that expands the GPS market.                               JACK BROWNE                              Technical Director                              *************                              2. News                              *************                              Trimble Offers GPS Licensing Software                              Long-time Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment supplier Trimble                               has introduced the first software license product in its TrimCore                               family of Trimble core GPS products. The product line is a software                               approach to segmenting GPS into modular, reusable building blocks                               for implementing GPS, whether on digital signal processing (DSP)                               cores, microprocessors, or GPS chipsets. The company also announced                               that its TrimCore GPS Navigation Engine (NE) software technology is                               available for the u-Nav GPS chipset family, starting with the uN9018                               chipset and continuing through to u-Nav's single monolithic GPS IC.                               TrimCore NEu is the first software GPS licensed product offering                               from Trimble as part of an alliance with u-Nav.                              u-Nav ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D3:49027F                              Trimble ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234DA:49027F                                                             *********                              3. News                              *********                              NoiseWave Debuts Coaxial Noise Source                              Noise source specialist NoiseWave as announced the immediate                               availability of their new NW2G-CS coaxial noise source for                               applications from 10 kHz to 2 GHz. Available with excess noise                               ratios (ENRs) of 15 and 30 dB, the source is deal for                               built-in-test-equipment (BITE) and noise-figure-measurement                               applications. It exhibits flatness of better than +/- 1 dB over the                               full frequency range and is available with both male and female SMA                               connectors. It operates from +28 VDC with 20 mA maximum current draw                               and is supplied in a housing measuring just 0.75 x 0.5 x 1.25 in.                              NoiseWave---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D5:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                                   Want to check out the latest                                                   developments in RF test?                                             Read Microwaves & RF's RF Test Blog                                            only at http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D8:49027F                              *******************************************************************                              *********                              4. News                              *********                              Conexant Launches DVB-S2 Satcom TV Receiver Card                              Conexant Solutions announced the world's first satellite television                               receiver card reference platform based on the industry's newest                               digital video broadcast standard, DVB-S2, for personal computers                               (PCs). The reference platform is aimed at manufacturers developing                               products that allow subscribers to watch, record and replay satellite                               broadcast programs on their PC. It consists of two Conexant set-top                               box (STB) solutions and one PC video device. Components include a                               digital video broadcast DVB-S2 demodulator (model CX24116) and                               forward error correction (FEC) decoder, a third-generation 8PSK                               satellite tuner (model CX24118), and a PCI audio/video (AV) broadcast                               decoder (model CX23883). The reference design is backward compatible                               with the previous DVB-S and DSS standards.                              Conexant Solutions ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D7:49027F                              **********                              5. News                              **********                              Report Predicts Growth of Broadband Technology                              A new report by Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI), "Transforming the                               Local Exchange Network: Third Edition," emphasizes that incumbent                               local exchange networks (ILENs) and telecom equipment suppliers will                               need to invest in new technology for high-speed broadband and video                               services. According to one of the report's authors, Dr. Lawrence K.                               Vanston, "Wireless, cable telephony, and VoIP continue to erode the                               traditional voice market and destroy the value of traditional ILEC                               assets such as copper cable and circuit switches. We forecast that                               by 2010, ILEC narrowband access lines will have fallen to 71 million                               down from a peak of 187 million in 2000. The report includes TFI's                               latest recommendations on depreciation lives for local exchange                               telephone plants, accounting for technology displacement, and loss                               of access lines due to competition. Copies of the report are $1995                               until March 31st.                               Technology Futures ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234CB:49027F                                                             ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                               		 		                                                 The search for happiness...                                                                                  Are you a company looking for a good engineer?                                           Or an engineer looking for a good company?                                       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Tom Cox, executive director of the RapidIO Trade                               Association, notes "As deployment of RapidIO products gains momentum                               across market segments including wireless infrastructure, ATCA,                               triple play, military and many others, it is incumbent on the                               RapidIO Trade Association to deliver design tips, technology                               updates, and other data using the most accessible media available."                               RapidIO Radio will debut in March 2006, with additional podcasts                               scheduled for June, September, and December 2006. Tom Cox will host                               the initial broadcast Tundra Semiconductor will delve into                               interoperability in June, with IDT focusing on the benefits of                               Serial RapidIO in the wireless infrastructure in September.  The                               introductory year will be rounded out by a podcast from Wind River                               dealing with software considerations in December. The RapidIO                               interconnect architecture is an open standard that seamlessly                               enables the chip-to-chip, board-to-board, control, backplane and                               data plane interconnections needed in high-performance networking,                               communications and embedded systems.                                RapidIO Trade Association ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234DB:49027F                              *********                              7. News                              *********                              Single-Chip Radio Targets WiMAX                              Model AT86RF535A is a single-chip 3.5-GHz WiMAX radio with multiple                               bandwidth options. It is the first in the MAX-Link series of                               transceivers designed specifically for WiMAX, with additional models                               aimed at other frequencies. Each transceiver contains a low-noise                               amplifier, power amplifier driver, receive/transmit mixer,                               receive/transmit filters, voltage controlled oscillator,                               synthesizer, receive gain control, and transmit power control.                               Designed to comply with the IEEE 802.16 wireless broadband standard                               for WiMAX, the transceivers operate under digital control. The                               devices are expected to provide as much as 40 Mb/s per channel for                               fixed and portable access applications in a cell radius of 3 to 10                               km. The transceiver is priced at $18 each for 10,000 quantities.                               http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234CD:49027F                              *******************************                              8.  Happenings - Conferences                              *******************************                              RF & Hyper                              March 21-23, 2006                              CNIT                              La Defense, Paris, France                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D4:49027F                              2006 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium                              March 27-28, 2006                              Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D0:49027F                              Del Mar Electronics Show                               April 26-27, 2006                              Del Mar Fairgrounds                              Del Mar, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234DE:49027F                              Broadband Wireless World                              April 26-28, 2006                              Caesar's Palace Event Center                              Las Vegas, NV                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234CC:49027F                              IMAPS International Conference on                               High-Temperature Electronics (HiTEC 2006)                              May 15-18, 2006                              Hilton of Santa Fe                              Santa Fe, NM                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234CF:49027F                              International Microwave Theory & Techniques                               Symposium (MTT-S)                              June 11-16, 2006                              Moscone Convention Center                              San Francisco, CA                              http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=234D9:49027F                              ************************ ADVERTISEMENT ****************************                                                                                     Looking for a Supplier?                                    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