Remtec, perhaps best known for its Plated Copper On Thick Film (PCTF(r)) ceramic substrates                               and packages, has announced the development of a new etchable materials capability that permits                               circuit designers to integrate more functions and improve performance while reducing package                               size.  As the company's President, Nahum Rapoport, reported, "Now designers can select the most                               cost-effective combination of PCTF(r) metalization options, such as etchable conductors, screen                               printable thick films and plated copper, solid plugged via holes, at a cost significantly lower than                               comparable thin film circuits".                              Using this new Remtec capability, microcircuit designers can achieve the performance of thin-film                               products with a number of added features, including enhanced power dissipation and a wider range                               of resistor values. The process can realize conductor lines and spacing with width of 0.02 inches                               and tolerances of +/- 0.0002 inches for performance to 32 GHz and higher.                               Remtec (