Many high-end electronic systems, notably those in military applications, rely on semiconductors that may have been discontinued for general-purpose use. Rochester Electronics serves these applications by providing a reliable supply of discontinued semiconductors. The firm recently strengthened their positions in many markets by adding more than 176 million semiconductor die to its inventory: more than 100 million pieces from Fairchild Semiconductor, 25 million pieces from National Semiconductor, and 25 million pieces from On Semiconductor.

The mature semiconductor supplier also received a considerable number of die from Analog Devices, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Numonyx.This boost in semiconductor stores extends Rochesters Extension-of-Life™ program, providing valuable insurance for the manufacturers that rely on these semiconductors for their own products. Availability of the mature semiconductors helps eliminate expensive redesigns caused by obsolete semiconductors.

Rochester is contractually licensed by original semiconductor manufacturers to provide continuing manufacturing services for critical discontinued devices. As a result, all Rochester-manufactured components match the exact form, fit, and function of the original semiconductor devices. Semiconductor die are the building blocks for the authorized continuing manufacturing of these devices that normally would have reached end-of-life, says Paul Gerrish, President of Rochester Electronics. By adding more than 176 million die to our die bankwhich is already the industrys largest and most diversewe have expanded the Extension-of-Life programs that ensure our customers receive a stable supply of authorized devices for the duration of their systems life cycles.