Model LS00105P200A is a rugged coaxial limiter that can handle 200 W continuous-wave (CW) power and peak power levels (for 1 μs pulse widths) as high as 1000 W from 10 to 500 MHz. The limiter exhibits maximum insertion loss of 0.8 dB, with maximum VSWR of 2.2:1 across the full 400-MHz frequency range. The typical limiting threshold for the component is +6 dBm. The typical leakage at a 1-W CW input is +14 dBm, at 10-W CW is +18 dBm, and at 100-W CW is +20 dBm. The limiter is hermetically sealed for military application, and has removable connectors for microwave-integrated-circuit (MIC) assembly.

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