Qualified for spaceflight applications from DC through 32 GHz, the model ZQA low-profile right-angle connector from W.L. Gore & Associates employs a non-bifurcated swept contact design for use with low-loss microwave cables. The new connector offers the physical advantages of right-angle connectors, including low profile and compact size, but with the excellent electrical performance of conventional straight connectors. The ZQA connector achieves typically better than 1.20:1 VSWR from DC to 32 GHz.  The 2.92-mm instrument-grade ZQA connector adheres to adheres to IEEE 287 standards for precision coaxial connectors with respect to inner-conductor, outer-conductor, and contact-height dimensions. It offers the capability to mate with a variety of other connectors, including SMA, 3.5-mm, and 2.92-mm air interface connector types, without concern for adverse electrical or mechanical effects.

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