Model SKY67130-396LF is a broadband amplifier from Skyworks Solutions optimized for use from 0.7 to 2.7 GHz. Fabricated with an indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) heterojunction-bipolar-transistor (HBT) process and housed in a 2 x 2 mm, 8-pin package, it can be used with supply voltages from +2.7 to +5.5 VDC. It exhibits typical noise figure of 2.6 dB at 2.6 GHz, with 13-dB gain at that frequency and +4-dBm output power at 1-dB compression. The input and output third-order intercept points at 2.6 GHz are typically +26 and +39 dBm, respectively. The amplifier typically draws 22 mA from a +3.3-VDC supply. It is unconditionally stable to 24 GHz and is designed for operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C. It is suitable for wireless-local-area-network (WLAN) and cellular-communications-infrastructure applications.

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