Lansdale Semiconductor now owns single-source rights to the model MC13150 wireless subsystem for use in cellular and other analog wireless applications. The integrated circuit (IC), which was originally designed and built by Freescale Semiconductor, is a single-conversion frequency-modulated (FM) receiver with split intermediate frequency (IF). It is suitable for use as a single-conversion receiver or as the back end in narrowband FM systems, such as 900-MHz cordless telephones and narrowband data links.

The IC, which is designed for battery-powered and portable applications, contains a frequency mixer, Colpitts oscillator, received-signal-strength-indication (RSSI) buffer, IF amplifier, limiter, and coiless quadrature detector. Lansdale has single-source rights to globally market and manufacture the IC. Lansdale manufactures the device using Freescale’s original parameters and with the MOSAIC 1.5 RF bipolar process from Motorola.