Laird Technologies, with its acquisition of Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, added some well-known shielding products to its lineup for the 2013 IMS. Offering some of these proven products at IMS booth No. 2408, Laird will show ECCOSORB® microwave absorbers both alone and in sample kits. Also, the firm’s ECCOSTOCK® low-loss dielectric materials, with loss tangents as low as 0.001 and dielectric constants ranging from 1.03 to 30.0 will be on display at the exhibition booth. As Laird Sales Operations Director, Cindy Manning, explains, “Laird designs and manufactures a variety of EMI solutions. IMS 2013 provides us an opportunity to showcase our industry-leading technology to the attendees who are interested in wireless communication, RF technologies, electromagnetics, microwave and mm-wave electronics.”

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