Circuit designers in need of frequency translation through 4 GHz will probably find the mixer solution they need as part of this diversified collection of low-cost, low-profile models.

Mini-Circuits, P. O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003;
(718) 934-4500, FAX: (718) 332-4661,

Frequency translation is an essential function for receivers, transmitters and test equipment. Finding the right frequency mixer for a particular design, however, can be an exercise in futility if not a lot of trial-and-error attempts. To save time, the K1-ADE+ Designer's Kit from Mini-Circuits (Brooklyn, NY) includes a useful assortment of eight different RoHS-compliant mixer models with a variety of RF and local oscillator (LO) frequency ranges, intermediatefrequency (IF) ranges, LO drive requirements, and overall performance levels.

The mixer kit contains five units of each model for a total of 40 mixers at an average cost of $2.50 per mixer. If a frequency plan falls within the 2 to 4000 MHz frequency range, chances are the K1-ADE+ Designer's Kit has a mixer model that fits a designer's receiver or transmitter. The K1-ADE+ Designer's Kit contains extremely wideband frequency mixers (see figure), with the highestfrequency unit, model ADE-30W+ covering an RF and LO range of 300 to 4000 MHz and an IF range of DC to 950 MHz. The mixer collection also covers a range of LO drive levels, from +3 to +17 dBm, to match a mixer to available oscillator output power. For example, the two mixers designed for the highest (+17 dBm) LO drive level, models ADE-17H+ and ADE-10H+, also provide the highest third-orderintercept (IP3) performance levels in the mixer collection, at +25 and +30 dBm, respectively.

Depending on a designer's frequency plan and isolation requirements, several of the lowest-frequency units offer outstanding LO-to-RF and LO-to-IF isolation performance levels. The lowest- frequency mixer, model ADE-1L+, exhibits typical LO-to-RF isolation as high as 68 dB at its lowest frequencies, 55 dB at midband, and 44 dB at the highest frequencies. It offers typical LO-to-IF isolation of 55 dB at the lowest frequencies, 45 dB at midband, and 35 dB at the lowest frequencies. Suitable for radio designs below 500 MHz, the flexible ADE-1L+ covers an LO and RF range of 2 to 500 MHz and an IF range of DC to 500 MHz with 5.2 dB typical conversion loss and requires only +3-dBm LO drive. At double the frequency range, model ADEX-10L+ delivers typically 75 dB LO-to-RF isolation at the lowest frequencies and 47 dB at the highest frequencies. It has typical LO-to-IF isolation of 55 dB at the low end and 24 dB at the highest frequencies. Model ADEX-10L+ covers an LO and RF range of 10 to 1000 MHz with an IF range DC to 800 MHz.

For higher-frequency designs, three mixers in the K1-ADE+ collection-- models ADE-18W+, ADE-30W+, and ADE-35MH+--operate to 3.5 GHz and higher. For example, model ADE- 35MH+ covers an LO and RF range of 5 to 3500 MHz with an IF range of 5 to 2500 MHz while operating on +13-dBm LO drive.

All of the mixers in the K1-ADE+ Designer's Kit are RoHS compliant. To facilitate swapping and experimentation, all models are supplied in the same low-profile six-lead surface-mount package (three leads for ground connections), which measures just 0.272 x 0.310 x 0.112 in. (6.91 x 7.87 x 2.84 mm).

P. O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003;
(718) 934- 4500, FAX: (718) 332-4661,