MODEL HMC-C051 is a passive double-balanced mixer that is ideal for point-to-point & point-to-multipoint radio, test equipment, laboratory and military applications from 11 to 20 GHz. The HMC-C051, which can be used as an upconverter or a downconverter, is supplied in a miniature hermetic module. It features an intermediatefrequency (IF) bandwidth of DC to 6 GHz. The mixer suffers only 7-dB conversion loss, and achieves 43-dB isolation between the local-oscillator (LO) and RF ports. The HMC-C051 includes removable SMA connectors. The GaAs MESFET mixer requires no external components or matching circuitry. It offers robust 1000-V electrostatic-discharge (ESD) Class 1C human-body-model (HBM) capability and can operate over a -55 to +85C temperature range.

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