Endwave Defense Systems has developed a line of YIG-tuned oscillators for applications through 11 GHz. Available in two package configurations, the larger square-packaged mini-YIG oscillators can be specified with buffered output power of typically +14.5 dBm across tunable bandwidths as wide as 2 GHz from 3 to 11 GHz. They draw only 100 mA current from an +8.5-VDC supply The smaller, circular-packaged micro-YIG oscillators are lower-cost options that cover bandwidths as wide as 450 MHz from 3 to 10 GHz. They deliver +10 dBm buffered output power while drawin only 70 mA current from an +8.5-VDC supply. For more information, visit the Endwave site at http://www.endwave.com