The AntennaGuard Series of low-capacitance multilayer varistors (MLVs) has been expanded to include a sub-1-pF version. Designed to provide a one-chip means of protecting high-speed digital interfaces, RF antennas, and RF amplifier circuits against ESD events, the bi-directional transient voltage suppressor provides minimal signal distortion and low insertion loss. The low-profile 0402 MLV responds quickly to ESD and can withstand successive 1-k strikes at 8 kV (IEC 610004-2).

In addition, the MLV minimizes parasitic capacitance and signal distortion even as it maximizes signal strength and speed. Initial offerings of the AntennaGuard sub-1-pF include 0.8-pF capacitance at 10-V and 15-V rating in a 0402 case size.