Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Two new block-type dielectric RF filters for basestation applications have been added to Murata's GIGAFIL range. They are designed for applications which use a digital pre-distortion amplifier (DPD) and provide wide pass band and flat ripple performance. The filter's size (10.6 x 6.0 x 4.8mm) means they require 72 percent less mounting space compared to Murata's previous generation of filters for this application.

The DFCL52G14LFHAB-TT1 is for use in W-CDMA Band1 DPD amplifiers, while the DFCL52G14LFHAA-TT1 will be used in W-CDMA Band1 LTE DPD amplifiers. Both these new members of the GIGAFIL series have a ripple of 0.4dB max @ f0+/-30MHz and 1.2dB max @ f0+/-65MHz.