To save time, design engineers might find it useful to import preconfigured connector solutions into prototype designs. Such a capability would give them the flexibility to try different approaches. Now, an online modeling tool enables design engineers to dynamically create virtual three-dimensional (3D) connector modelseven for designs that have yet to be manufactured. This new capability builds on ITT Interconnect Solutions' existing web-based configuration technology and single-field search. That search feature allows users to utilize a single interface to search for commercial, industrial, medical, military, aerospace, and high-reliability interconnect products.

With the 3D modeling tool, design engineers can select from various output model formatssuch as STEP, Pro/E, Shrinkwrap STL, and IGESas long as the requested product represents a standard configured item. A number of industry-standard formats are available. The downloadable files are obtained via a system-supplied e-mail link. The user simply clicks through the link to download the design package as a .zip file, which is then easily imported into their own CAD system for prototyping in products. The service is available free to registered users of the ITT Cannon web site at

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